Saturday, 24 September 2011

Do These Work?

I'm talking about those nifty cell phone masts that look like pine trees. Or are they nifty? I mean, I get the aesthetics - they certainly look prettier from a distance, but is hiding our cell phone masts a good thing to do? Shouldn't we all be aware of where our local one's are? Aren't they supposed to be bad things to be around?

I'm not sure, hang on while I Google and form an internet search based opinion on this.

No, not really - turns out they're fine. It's one of those things people get paranoid about, but in reality the masts are giving off signals that are harmless to humans. And a good job too given the amount of phone use the world over. We'd all be dead or riddled with cancer by now!!

So ..... let's enjoy the random 60 foot pine trees, concreted into our car parks and school playgrounds. They look nice eh?!!