Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Well I Never ... No.1

Three Cool, Useful or Otherwise Interesting Things I Didn't Know a Month Ago.

I've added a number to this post 'cos I think it may be a good one to do regularly. Mainly to stop me forgetting the things I learn. I hearby promise to do a 'Well I Never' post once a month. Or thereabouts. Depending on how I'm feeling. Or whether I've learnt anything new that month or not. .

So with no further ado (drum roll too much?) here's the first.

1. Women Listen Differently to Men.

Okay, this is supposed to be things I didn't know a month ago, but it's now confirmed for me. Comes back to the skill women have to multi task (using multiple areas of their brains at one time) and mens tendency to be better at focusing (using one area of the brain). Also explains why my husband can't hear me talking to him when he's watching his favourite TV show, but his hearing returns to normal in the ad breaks. Whilst I can listen to him, the TV and both kids talking to me at the same time. We smell better too. No, not our body odours, sense of smell. Having said that ...

2. Crickets Can Throw Their Voice.
Or their 'sound' at least, and there's no link here because I couldn't find it on the net but I experience it when I try and catch one in the house. And Hubby told me, so it must be true. He thinks it's to announce there's a predator about, without the cricket giving his hiding spot away. In googling I also found out that the sound is only made by males by rubbing their wings together, other than to warn of predators it's mainly used to attract females. And the ladies can tell from the pitch of the chirp, how ..ahem... big the male is. Turns out 'Crickets Can Throw Their Voice' is the name of a band in Texas also. Who knew? Their fans probably ...

3. How Lightning and Thunder Work. 
I should have really learnt this in school but it was obviously one of those teacher/pupil moments when my mind got bored, wandered and went out the window. And I've worded it that way around, 'Lightning and Thunder' as opposed 'Thunder and Lightning', because I've just discovered that the Lightning comes first. Recently I read this explanation and it was like a proper 'Eureka' moment. I hadn't even thought about how the two phenomenom were linked before I read this. Doh! Lightning actually causes thunder. Simply (follow the link if you want more detail) lightning's caused by static electricity build up, brought about by water and ice particles in the clouds rubbing together on a humid day. And the rapid heating of the air around it (to as much as five times as hot as the suns surface) creates rapid expansion, which makes the loud noise we hear. It all happens in a split second but because light travels faster than sound, we see the lightning first. Closer the two are to each other, closer the storm.