Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Back To School and BACK UP BACK UP!!!!

This isn't one of my Memories of posts, rather a recollection of a couple of days I spent in April helping Hubby with one of our companys playground projects.

Spend two days hanging out in a school playground? Twist my immature child-at-heart arm why don't you.

You can check the project we were working on here and here on the company blog (get me, the 'company blog'. Snort) but we installed several playground pieces in December and April and I went along to photograph the finished project and ... oh yeah, there was some sewing required to a large stretch tent we installed over the sandpit. 

Sewing, apparently, requires a womans touch. Turned out it did too, both Hubby and his guy were rubbish at it. Possibly in the same way some men are 'rubbish' at making tea and coffee, so they never get asked, but still. I was happy to be there. It's a lovely gardenesque playground, if there's such a word. If not, I claim it. As much attention to details like flowerbeds, a bird aviary, little bridges and pathways and the like as to the playground pieces themselves.

School was closed for the holidays so we took Tallen 4, and Nate 2, with and as you would imagine they had a whale of a time. To their minds, that's a whole playground right there just for ME!!!

As I wandered around snapping with my camera, letting Nate lead the way as he explored every inch, it struck me how small everything was. I know, go figure right? But I was surprised at exactly how many times I had to hit my head on a low bar or pole, usually when retrieving Nate from a too high/wobbly position he'd got himself into, before I addressed the height I was automatically bending down at.

I eventually had to take on a sort of crouching stance whenever approaching a Jungle Gym or similar, just to prevent myself from nearly knocking myself out a seventh or eighth time. It was getting ridiculous really.

And there was NO CHANCE IN HELL my adult sized booty was fitting into any of the outdoor seating, so when we lunched I favoured the grass. Or the table. Or a swing. One of those one's that's designed to hold 4-5 preschoolers at one time.

Such fun.

Sadly, due to some kind of power failure with our back up system .... Nope. 

Okay, due to the fact that I always forget to back up our stuff most of the pics I took that day (and a million others I can't bare to even think about yet) are gone. Now sat on the 'new PC' of the guy who nicked ours in our recent robbery. Or his mate/cousin that he sold it to.

I wonder what he/she'll do with them? I wonder if they feel a pang of guilt, as they sit there looking at five years of our memories, our life together.

Someone should start a website for just such an occasion. Nicked someone's PC? Feeling guilty as you delete all their family pics? Secure and anonymous,*. Upload the hardrive for your victims to retrieve and feel a whole heap better.

* There's no link there, it's a joke people! 

Nah, I should back up I know. And so should we all. It's truly one of life's slap-hand-to-face moments. Really, it hurts that we've lost all those pics. Not to mention TWO YEARS of my accounts, design and advertising work for the business .... mumble, grumble. Doesn't help to moan or look back, like a Phoenix and all that.
She has a point ...

But still, BACK UP!! Okay? Online, to a CD/DVD however you do it, just make sure you do. And get into a routine of doing it every so often. You can set Windows to do it for you, that's not even hard. And external drive owning folk? We have one of those, but it's not a good place to back up, even if you are regimented enough (and I'm not) to pull it out and put it away somewhere when the PC's shut down. Guess what happens if your external drive goes wrong? Uhuh. Hard copy back up or online is best.

Unless of course you get a SECOND external drive, make a copy of everything on that too. Then if one drive goes down, that's way too complicated.

Just BACK UP!!! Do it now, when you're finished blogging and stuff.

Easy to say that NOW I know, but I can't begin to tell you how much I wish I had.


  1. The type of back up you employ depends on the price you're willing to pay for it. I personally have a network drive in a cupboard this has all my movies, music and photos on. I use synchback to back up my photos from my NAS to my pc. My importants docs are stored on google drive, which is in the cloud. Music and movies can be replaced photo's cannot! There is cd/dvd but again you have to remember. Cloud is the way and google is pretty good.

    1. Jeez Clare, you're so Techy your comment managed to delete my Intense Debate template and all previous comments!! Not really (I think!) I have asked the Intense Debate people to rectify ... Cloud is online back up hey? Does seems the best bet. I have to say though, I like the sound of your network drive in a cupboard. When you open the cupboard, does it say "Good afternoon Clare" in a Hal voice?

  2. Where'd my comment go? It was insightful and humorous and now it is lost to all...Nothing short of a tragedy.
    My previous comment, I realised showed off my technignorance (I made that word up!) and having read Clare's I'm not sure I want to re-type it, as it will make me look even worse. But what the hey? Here goes...
    "What does 'Hard Copy Back Up' mean??"
    There, it's out.

    1. Isn't it rotten? Clare's so techy, she somehow managed to delete all previous comments :) I had LOADS (honest). Well ...
      And my replies were really cool too!
      Hard copy meaning on to a CD or DVD. As oppose online or to a drive.
      LOVE Technigorance xx

  3. First, you are NOT 4 anymore, Weeza! Get over it! ;)

    I don't backup. I know I really need to do it. But I read things like this, or see my hubs' pc get fried, and I STILL don't do it. What can I say...... I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Depends on your perspective, I suppose. ;)

    1. Haha! Still haven't done mine ....

  4. That really sucks. I definitely don't back up as often as I should, but Derrick and I both have copies of our pics on our external hard drive, his solid-state hard drive, and my computer. We also print them out on Shutterfly...but I hafta admit, that's more because I can't stand bare walls without pictures than it is I'm afraid to lose my pictures! In fact, I'm going to go to go plug in my computer into our hard drive and upload photos into Google (just found it, thanks to this post!) after this comment....

    1. Yay Nicki, let's all print our pics out! My folks don't have to worry about back up, they have Photo Albums :)


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