Saturday, 21 July 2012

Apologies for My Sporadic Blogging

As a Brit, I discovered the internet in the UK as it became popular in business in the 80’s. Pretty soon it was as widespread as we know and love it today, and I was quite happily online at home also. Using British Telecoms affordable Broadband options, it was never an issue to get online. In fact, when at home my PC was always online.

Here in SA they handle the internet a little differently. I have my suspicions that the Government are just trying to ensure that the masses don’t have free access to information. So good are the ANC Government here at confusing, befuddling and conning the people to keep themselves in power, despite how badly they run things. I think they worry that the internet may give all their voters the opportunity to see how it really is. And they don’t want that.

Internet is still something that’s controlled, limited and fairly expensive. Something easily accessible to the rich, but not for the everyday man.

And it drives me crazy. Hubby and I’s income is currently somewhere in the middle, meaning we can usually afford to have the internet, but not always. A SA Telkom landline, with limited Broadband would cost us more every month than our rent! And currently, yes folks – in this year 2012, you cannot get uncapped Broadband internet from the countries NATIONAL TELECOMS COMPANY!! Can you believe it?

The only way you can, is to get Telkom to install you a line, which you pay an arm and a leg for, and then use another supplier for your Broadband. Currently there’s one company that will give you uncapped internet, as long as you have and pay for your Telkom line and their additional charges on top. 

We currently use a 3G dongle and buy MB’s at a time. There is no easy way in SA, without spending big money every month, that you can have proper, uncapped internet usage.

‘AAAAHHHHHH MOTHER F@*CKER!’ is a good sum up of how that makes me feel most days.

I LOVE the internet and all it can do for me and mine. Given the chance, I use it daily for myself, the family and our business. It’s, in my opinion, a tool to be used freely by all and I for one, miss the ability to just go online for whatever, whenever without having to check I have enough MB’s first. And I can’t begin to tell you how depressed I feel when I get that screen message (usually as I’m about to hit ‘Tweet’, ‘Save’ or ‘Publish’) “Sorry, you currently don’t have enough funds to continue your internet session. Please recharge and try again.”

Good news, things are changing. iBurst is taking the lead and offers affordable Broadband internet, uncapped, for a much smaller and more affordable monthly charge and with no need for the expensive Telkom line.

We’re looking into it ….

I read a great post (of the many) on Mistylaws recently. She was celebrating the fact that her blog was a year old and she wrote an explanation of how she got into blogging, and all that it means to her now. My blog too, has just passed its first year anniversary. I was going to do a post very similar to Mistys but at the time … I didn’t have the MB’s to put it up so that’s one that got lost, maybe I’ll write and post it next year.

Which is why I was so glad to read Mistys post, her feelings really mirrored my own. Thanks Misty, for having the MB’s to put in your post what I wanted to say in mine! Go read it my fellow bloggers and readers. Oo, and while you’re there, check out some of Mistys Weekly Whacked pics. Funny, funny.

And until we can source a better and cheaper way of getting online, please bear with me. I swear, I would be a much better blogger if I didn’t have these issues. I love writing, I have lots of drafts waiting to go up on WeezaFish or to be sent on to other sites I wish I had the MB’s to write more for.

While I’m at it, I’m teaching myself as much as I can about Social Media. I’m finding it so interesting, just wish I could properly utilise what I’m learning for the business and for WeezaFish.

And I love reading too, LOVE the blogging world, the people I’m getting to know. The writing that inspires me, that I’m loving to read. Fellow bloggers, please know that if you’re on my reading list, I do read everything you write. And love it all too, even if sometimes I don’t have enough MB’s to tell you that.

I recently told Jewels of Accordingtojewels that I needed to set up a Facebook page for WeezaFish and that much as I would love to follow Jewels anywhere, I just couldn’t see me getting on Pinterest. I’ve only been tweeting for a couple of months! And that’s also all about MB’s. The more I want to do online, the more it currently costs me.

Once I have unlimited, uncapped internet again (I dream of that day) well watch out. I’ll have the Facebook page, I’ll be a much better reader and commenter, a much more frequent writer. My regular posts will be well, regular again. And Jewels? I’ll come follow you anywhere you go girl. Even Pinterest.

Got to admit though, it is a bit scary there. Pinterest I mean. Just me or anyone else feel it’s a bit ‘overachieving’?! I hereby vow, if and when I join Pinterest, to Pin as much ‘real life’ stuff as I do beautiful. 

And there's none of my usual, vaguely related, Google Image search pics on this post. I am sorry, but I really wanted to get this post out and I'm not sure I have the MB's for pics! 

Mumble ... grumble ... motherf*@cker ...