Monday, 17 October 2011

OCD or Just Me?

When my sons lego blocks lie scattered in their thousands on the lounge floor, parts of broken castle walls and robot legs everywhere, why can't I put them back in their box without separating them into individual blocks first?!

It's one of my 'things'.

I don't have many 'things', they are common apparently and some poor folk have way too many and suffer a lot because of it.

But I don't have an OCD, I don't suffer excessively from anxieties, phobias or insecurities, but I do have this 'thing'.

I mean, I of course could, at threat of death or removal of my chocolate privileges, collect the blocks without separating them. But I'd feel uncomfortable about it. Unsettled.

A good friend of mine, otherwise intelligent, level headed and prone to only acceptable levels of insanity, cannot go to sleep at night unless she turns her pillow over before she lays her head. She can't explain why.

Another friend can't visit without turning my toilet roll around the "correct" way when he goes to the bathroom and another friend would notice if you moved an ornament just the slightest bit in her house. I and other friends know this because we often do it for fun.

Anyone else have a 'thing'?


  1. Ah...Things. I only have a couple - or so I thought. Now I've started thinking about it I rather fancy I have so many that they may have to be termed 'foibles'. But I'm not going to dwell on it, I'm just going to park my bum on the Share Chair and, well, share.
    Thing 1 (ooh, it's like Dr Seuss!) - Cannot bear it if someone squishes up my bed after it's just been made. (This is especially true if the duvet and pillows are pumfy feathery ones). The only exception I make to this rule is for my dog. And she shouldn't be on there anyway. Ha ha, such rebellion!

    Thing 2 - Nobody, but nobody, should EVER read my Sunday Paper or my glossy mags before I do. EVER. I feel quite poorly just thinking about it.

    Thing 3 - Cupboard doors and/or drawers being left open. Drives me bandy. I can't ignore them, it's like they tug at the corner of my eyes and mock me.

    I've just read that back and am wondering if I sound just a teensy bit unhinged.

    Can I just mention, here in public and on the world wide interweb that I completely adore Hugh Laurie - and will fight anyone for him? Is this the appropriate forum?

    Great blog Weezafish. Love-love-lovin' it xxx

  2. Oo my lovely pal hello! I was going to ask you for some of yours, I knew you'd have. I think you're wacky, but at the same time I totally understand each of your 'things'. And I won't fight you for Hugh. I don't mean he's not fanciable, I just won't fight you :) xx


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