Sunday, 16 October 2011

Okay Calmed Down Now

I discovered that the otherwise lovely Blogger wasn't making it at all easy for Friends and followers to become exactly that. Followers.

What is the point of a blog you can't share easily?

But here's the downside of Google searching every time you find a problem, like I do. My Google search led me to forums where I learnt that if anyone wants to follow, firstly they have to have a Google account to receive emails. If anyone else wants email notifications, well, tough really. They can't have them.

They can follow in their reader list if they too are a Blogger blogger.

I can add ten people to my notifications list and those special ten, the chosen few, will receive an email every time I post. But only to those ten.

Anyone else who wants to read and follow, I am told, must take the time to email me personally and request that I add them to my "Special People's" Group or continuely check my blog for updates. Zzzzzz. WTF.

Either that or I can mess about much more than I would like on Feedburners site or set up a Google Group, but where's the simplicity in that? And Google Group emails don't support all my lovely pics and layout so it was a bit of a let down.

It was looking like I may have to move my blog to Wordpress where they make this a lot easier ..  I nearly did.

Then, feeling a bit let down, I checked my reading list and visited which always cheers me up. Damn me if that read didn't lead me to which is by far the easiest way to follow a blog you like by email, and they don't give a FLYING MONKEY which email subscriber you choose to use. Thanks Che and Indie Berries for the laughs and the lead.

But it get's better! Then I searched my Blogger Gadgets and found a new one, "follow by email". Now added to my blog .... I don't have to transfer to Wordpress after all. Heave sigh of relief. Mental note to self, don't believe everything you learn from Google searches.

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  1. bloglovin is a great way to keep up with all the blogs you read - there are SO many! I struggle to keep up with them all! :)


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