Friday, 4 November 2011

Four Year Olds Thoughts

I might make a page of things the kids say, been done before I know but sometimes they're just so damn, heart tuggingly cute.

And sometimes they're so funny or so surprising, I spit my tea out. Usually whilst simultaneously snorting it up my nose. Not many people can claim to have that affect on me.

Todays created a small amount of tea spray-age and snorting and was sweet enough for me to want to pop a post up...

I was talking to my four year old about him starting a new school soon and he was concerned about missing the family while he was there.

"Be alright Mummy" he concluded "I'll find a little boy that looks like my brother, a little boy that looks like Daddy and a little girl that looks like mummy. I'll play with them all the time so I won't miss you".