Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Repeat After Me

I found this text here and had to post it, it could be my daily chant!

But don't envisage me down on knee praying, with a sweet and placid, perfect Mum smile on my face. More like muttered under my breath, through gritted teeth, few added expletives - as I investigate the surprisingly calm sounding call from my hubby "baby, I think our boy just said he tipped a tin of paint all over the back yard, don't you wanna go check? ...."

Oh give me patience when wee hands
Tug at me with their small demands
And give me gentle and smiling eyes
Keep my lips from hasty replies
And let not weariness, confusion or noise
Obscure my vision of lifes fleeting joys
So when, in years to come my house is still
No bitter memories its room may fill