Monday, 19 November 2012

Huge Jungle Gyms: New House: Random Blah, Blah

Honestly? I'm sat here at 7:15 a.m. on a Sunday morning, partially distracted by the fact that I currently share the computer screen. I have the bottom half for writing and my freshly awakened boys, Tallen and Nate, have the top of the screen for viewing 'Ice Age 3'.

Hubby's having a much deserved lie in, everybody's happy. And you'll note I make sure to include myself in that happiness, oh yeah.

Point being, I sit here keen and eager like a beaver to write a post, the computer's just returned home after nearly three weeks away so you can imagine my excitement BUT just like a kid who's running off to play in the garden without suncreen or shoes on .... I'm underprepared.

As has more recently been the case with me, I sit here with no idea what I'm writing a post about. My High School English Teacher would be tutting at me.

WTF expect a random post then, let us just enjoy the fact that a NEW post is up! Ha Ha! Go on, laugh with me. Let's just wing it. It'll be fun.

I could tell you what we've been up to, although a little voice in my head reminds me that I STILL haven't uploaded any pics from my camera in say ... ooo, about a month or two so I'll have little to show you. Thought occurs to me now, I should do a pic-laden diary type post once I have done. You heard me say that, right? I'll friggin well do it I tell you.

For the last two weeks (first day off today) Hubby and Yippy Playgrounds have been building the biggest Jungle Gym we've every built. Or seen to be honest. It's possibly the biggest Jungle Gym EVER built?! It's massive! It's been named The Mammoth and it's in someone's garden. Although 'Grounds' would be more accurate, the customers - friends of Hubbys - have a very lovely and very large house and gardens.

And now their kids have a very large Jungle Gym to match!! It. Is. AWESOME. I will, of course, be taking photos when it's finished for our Catalog and such, SO proud of Hubby. I'm constantly blown away by what he can make with his hands.

We've been trawling a few local second hand furniture shops to furnish our new house. LOVE second hand! I love that there's only one of each thing in the store, that you're giving something a second lease of life and that you can choose your own, quirky, ecclectic style for your home. Hubby and I just bought his and her TV lounger chairs. Very 70's, very comfy and very hard to get out of once you're in. Hee!

No, no pics of the new place yet. Oh hang on, I do have this one ...

Pic shows smaller than actual size :)

And there's this view shot ...

Nice neighbourhood hey? I didn't know Joburg living could be so rural!
I know, I know. You want to see more than THAT. I will keep my promise to do a pic-laden entry soon.

Can I make it up to you in the meantime with some cool stuff I read on someone elses blog found on the net recently?

I was looking for a new sponge cake recipe the other day (I'm SO rocking) and I came across this easy peasy, anyone can do it in about 15 mins recipe for Oven Made Raspberry Jam. I can make Jam now! If I want ...

I love recycling, I love colour, I love my kids. So Elle at This is Mommyhood was on to a winner when she posted her story (and pics) of recycling broken bits of kids crayons into new. I'm still gathering enough crayon bits for a second batch, yes I love this more than the kids. Care? Not one bit.

AND I found not one, but TWO new good and funny bloggers lately that I share with you just in case you don't trawl through my Fav Blogs Feed on a daily basis, as I do, and you're looking for some new reading.

I found them both on Twitter so I'll pass on their Twit details also,

Firstly Vikki Claflin who's blog Laugh Lines will probably give you them. Oh wait, that's why she called it that ....

And then there's Comfort Weight, writer of From Comfort Weight to Size 8. A blog that at first glance is all about break up and heartache, but as our lady moves on in life ... oh just go read some :)

It's a good job I found them too, I lost two great blogs from my Fav Blogs List this month also. One minute they were blogs, next minute they had been hacked by DIY promotions and people hiring Skips. Or something similar. I don't recall the details, I was too upset at the time.

Anybody else out there notice Lola is 40 and The Loaded Handbag Blogs going down?? What is this, some kind of underground Bloggers attack??

** UPDATE 21/11/12 The Loaded Handbag's BACK with a new address - YAY!!
I'd better go, before some Builders Yard starts advertising on WeezaFish.

I shall be back soon, with a more meatier post. And that's coming from a vegetarian!