Friday, 14 December 2012

Photo Diary Time: Rhinos and Mini Gardens

I'm in a weird mood tonight - you ever get that? Something hormonal no doubt, makes me feel that for inexplicable reasons, I probably shouldn't operate heavy machinery, drive or make big, life altering decisions. In fact, any decisions.

Good time for a Photo post methinks!

So here it is, the pic-laden post that I promised and one I feel I owe to my blog as I haven't uploaded any photos from my camera or phone in ... ooo, months now.

Want to see *blink blink* with your EYES what we've been up to lately? ...

We moved House yay!
Liking my small but perfectly formed kitchen.
Garden (are we bored of new house yet?)
You know what it's like when you walk around with a camera, everyone wants a pic taken.
My awesome Hubby created a new product for our Playground business, the Tyre Rhino Climber.
We visited Second Hand shops a-furniture hunting, and came home with things like this.

Our Playground company, Yippy, worked on the biggest Jungle Gym to date. 

Heights not for the faint hearted (NB: Handrail was still to be added at his stage)
Height didn't phase the family pets at ALL.
And in the lovely gardens, the boys and I made mini-gardens
Er .. to pass the time ..
Like normal, sane folk ... do? It's just me that makes mini gardens, huh?!!
Owners make staging for Fear Factor, hence you find things like this in their garden. No snakes.
Back home, we built Horse Swing stock ..
 .. and headed out on our Sales Trips for the month, to many a colourful Creche and Preschool
Can you guess the name of this one?
You see what happens if you put the bin in the wrong place? Preschool for busty blondes?!
I'll leave you with some festive stars, hanging in the carpark trees of a school we called on.
Hope that was at least slightly more enjoyable than your Nana's slides of her holidays in Wales.

I have a much wordier post planned (for planned read - written) over the weekend.

For now, much love and festive cheer! xx