Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas: Time for a Reshuffle. And Some Silly Pics

First things first. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Sorry, it's gone 10 p.m. here on Boxing Day night so I'm a leeetle late with my Christmas post. How was yours?

I do hope filled with fun and overeating and joy and peace and all that.

I was woken up at just after 5 a.m. on the day and one of the first thoughts that occurred to me, after I'd told Tallen with croaky morning voice and through half-open eyes how AWESOME I thought his stocking presents were, was "Hooray, I can start me a blog post before everyone else wakes up" That's okay, right?

I've been remiss of late. My posts have got fewer and fewer each month, the content has been (in my opinion) weaker and it's showing, in my mind, on my blog that I'm just too FREAKIN' BUSY HALF ALL THE TIME!!

Just the fact that that is as far as I got with this post yesterday, which I now continue on Boxing Day evening, pees me right off.

I don't like it, and I hereby declare/promise/swear on my life that things are going to be better in 2013. I shall focus. And I shall write more.

In my feeble attempt at a belated Christmas present to you all, here's a round up of news followed by some funny and cool Christmas pics. I know, I know. It's been done before on a Christmas post ...

Firstly, see that WHOPPING GERRRT BIG STAR at the top of my Blog? They won't let me make it smaller, it's hard to miss huh? Well, don't laugh (okay you can) but there's a *chuckles nervously* bit of a funny story attached to that. Ha, HA HA! Ahem.

I think because I voted in last years SA Blog Awards, I automatically got an email this year (and for the rest of my days probably) inviting me to register my blog. After I finished laughing, I thought to myself "no hang on, why the hell not?". I know. I have 12 followers and ?? number of readers (you sneaky, shy folk who don't comment you) so I really am not (truly) expecting to win. I didn't even think I'd be accepted to be honest, the closest Category I could find to put WeezaFish in was 'Entertainment and Lifestyle Blogs'. Er, does that mean I must Entertain you as I write about my Lifestyle? I'm not sure but they blimmin' well DID accept me (daft buggers) and so I have decided;

A: This may get me some new Readers.
B: If nothing else, it'll be an experience.

Voting's only open until the 28th of December so, you know. Click and vote if you want. Meh, I'm not bothered really. Kidding. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!! Go on, be funny if the Underdog won.

In attempts to reshuffle my priorities and reorganise I decided that something, at least one thing, had to go. I was just trying to do too much, AND taking on new stuff and planning new ideas for adding even MORE stuff on my To Do List. So ... with some regret I decided to stop writing for Singles Warehouse.

You guys who know me by now won't be surprised to hear this, I was struggling every fortnight to find the time to write them a decent post and I don't see the point or purpose of sharing my writing too thinly, which I felt I was. I wrote them two final posts, you can check out my penultimate post, all about the Christmas Spirit and how you can use it when you're single to be brave and take the plunge, so to speak. "Finding Love At Christmas: Grab That Mistletoe".

My last post for them goes live as I write tomorrow (27th) so I'll add the link to that one too. This one was a realisation, if you like, that I've actually learned some stuff that works in keeping a long term, loving relationship exactly that. Long term and loving. "Long Term Relationships: Finally, at 41 I get It".

As always, I greatly appreciate any of you awesome and lovely folk that find the time to have a read and comment. Sincerely, I feel lucky just that I am able to blog. To write and publish at whim. It's such an awesome thing to someone who loves to write. The fact that there's folks out there READING it and, dare I say it, liking some of it also. Makes me blush and feel all sorts of good stuff inside.

I have a Facebook page at last. You can 'Like' me (as, thus far, five folk have bless 'em) by logging in with the new lickle box over there somewhere see ----> and be assured anyone who's already been there, I have stopped linking my Twitter Tweets having realised that it's just plain annoying :) You will find instead "fresh" material only to be found on my Facebook page along with anything that I see on anybody elses Facebook page that I think's worth a Share. If it's too big for Twitter or too small to blog, it'll go there.

Okay, enough about me. Pretty certain my next post, later this week, will be all about our Christmas Day(s). See that 's' there hiding in the brackets? We had TWO!! Yes, two Christmas Days. More on that later ...

Until then, here's some fun stuff for you. Possibly a bit of a crap Christmas pressie, but better than the jumper Aunty knitted you? Let us hope, dear friends, let us hope.

There's many a funny and cool image floating around the web-a-sphere at this time of year. Gone are the days of Christmas Cards in the post, hello instead to an emailed or Facebook posted funny or family Christmas pic.There are many, many, many of them around.

How pleasing then, that the best I found were all in one place that being over at Girl To Mom (Trying to Become a Grownup Before my Kid Does). If you don't know her already, you'll find the lovely Heidi residing there. She writes about her life and family, and her life isn't always perfect, far from it at times. But Heidi writes with such optimism and with such a lust for fun, often reaching out to others, she's just darned contagious she really is.

Here's my pick of HER Christmas pics;

Damn, I live in Africa. I wanna build an upside down snowman SOOOOO much!
Ah, just makes me laugh.
And this one, which is less funny more cool I think. And so easy to do, let's all make them next year!

And while we're at it, some of these too! Melting Snowman Cookies that I found via inHabitots, a green parenting site. I'm guessing that's a cherry or a marshmallow under there for the head?

Duff picture quality, sorry. I'll take pics of my own next year yay!
Okay, I'm off for now but I have plans to post not one but TWO more posts before the weekend. Shall we see what happens?

Much love and festive wishes.