Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Just Writing

I've got three posts (yes, three) in my drafts and today I don't find myself wanting to finish any of them.

But I do want to write, so this could be interesting. I wonder what I'll write about? At this point ... I have no plan! Blogging by the seat of my pants.

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It reminds me of a post I read on Mistys Laws this week, 'The Neverending Nothingness', in which Misty ... simply writes.

And another post I read recently by Becca on 25toFly called 'Blogging Bureaucracy', in which Becca questions why and when the love for blogging and writing themselves, get overtaken by the want for a larger audience?

They both hit home with me. I too have fallen prey to being so busy trying to gain followers, please who I thought was reading (sooo ... my best friend and my Dad?) and SEO the hell out of my posts, that I forget sometimes just to write.

And so today, I just write ...

Shall I write about the kids, think I. Because this IS a Mummy's blog after all? But they're both doing fine, what's new to tell today?

Shall I write about the weather, because I'm British and that's what we do when lost for words? But the weather here in Africa is fine and sunny so there's really no news to say.

Shall I write about how I feel today? A little tired, a little run down, a little flat.

Shall I write about the hottest news in the country today? But, being honest, it's kind of depressing so I'd rather not.

Shall I write about my darling Hubs who's at work, in a playground far from us and a good few hours away from being home?

Shall I write about my achievements here? The work I've done, the kids needs I've met, the messes I've tidied and MY OWN hair I've yet to wash or comb?

Shall I write about my parenting woes? *shrugs* But I have none today to share.

Shall I write from the heart and express ALL my stresses? Knowing that somebody out there will care?

How I imagine myself at times ...
Shall I write Advice or Tips on anything I can think of? Because I have an urge to be helpful and wise.

Shall I write fiction? A thing I find hard and admire so much. Even though I can never be as good as the books I love, in my eyes.

Or shall I just shut up? Because I'm quite crap at poetry as you can tell.

And you have, I'm sure, many other blog posts that are vying for your attention as well!


P.S. Don't worry, normal service will resume soon :)