Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We're Having a Smashing Time

That's a terrible pun, that title. Which you'll realise fully if you read on.

This is one of those 'OMG you won't believe what happened to us!' type posts. Although to be fair, it happened to Hubs and he gave me his blessing to make a post of it. "It would make a good post" says he.

It also fits perfectly with a want I had to try out my newly downloaded Blogger App. I often have better internet on my phone, so if I can master and make use of this app, we might just have a more frequent blogger here. Hooray!

So onto our smashing tale. One thing to confirm, bar some nasty cuts, bruises and a bit of whiplash - Hubs is thankfully okay.

He was working hard, in a school playground about forty minutes from home last Sunday and the kids were home with me. Which was unusual, and that's kinda odd. If he's working weekends or in the school holidays he'll usually take one of the boys with him.

He works in playgrounds. When they're closed. You can imagine why cries of "Pleeeeeeease can I come to work with you Daddy?" are often heard in our house.

But for some reason, when he left for work that morning neither of the boys pleaded to come and he left them - still in their PJ's, watching a movie under their duvets - with me.

I can't begin to express how relieved we are now that he made that decision because later that day, when Hubs popped off site for some materials and lunch, he crashed his bakkie!

crashed bakkie
I know, scary huh?
It was the decision of a driver two cars ahead of Hubs to change his mind about a turn and slam on his brakes, leaving Hubs with a split second to make his decision from two possible and unattractive options; turn sharp left, and roll the Bakkie into a ditch ... or slam the brakes on and hit the car in front. The latter was, thankfully, the one he went for.

But this post isn't to dwell on our misfortunes. Or Hubby's near-death experience.

I'll be honest, it's a downright brazen and no holds barred big up and shout out to my amazing Hubs.

I won't tell you the details of how shocked and upset he was when he rang me from the crash site to tell me what had happened. He's a 'manly' type of guy and he might be embarrassed :)

No police report was taken (this is South Africa remember), so no blame found and Hubs came home after dizzily agreeing with the driver of the Bakkie he'd rear-ended that they would sort their own damaged vehicles out and our insurance towed the vehicle back home.

But I can tell you how he sat down that evening and surfed the net until he had found the parts he needed to replace on his Bakkie. And that he left on foot (with injured knees) early the next morning to pay for those parts and arrange help to collect them. And after borrowing some tools and walking back to the local shops to get groceries, he and his employee set about putting the Bakkie back together again.

Less than five days later, they had achieved this.

repaired bakkie
Yes, it is the same Bakkie.
As of today, just over a week later, Hubs is well and truly back on the road and working hard to catch up after his 'week off'.

He deserves a shout out, does he not?

Love you Hubs. You keep us (and your Bakkie) moving forward all the time and you constantly amaze and inspire me xxxx

P.S. Blogger App update: Soooo ... I did write the whole body of this post on my phone and it wasn't too painful. But bugger me, I couldn't find a way to insert pics. 'Attach' pics, no prob. But actually putting them where you want them within the text of your post, nope. Not figured that out yet. Nor could I choose fonts or add a page break. What you can do with the App is label your post and save it to drafts (or publish it) so I may still use it when I have to urge to get something down, but I'm away from home or out of internet.

And talking about that urge to blog, it's still with me now so watch this space. I feel a flurry of posts coming on!!


  1. I had no idea what a Bakkie was and I still don't but I know from this post that you live in South Africa so at least now I know that my lack of knowing what a Bakkie is/was isn't completely related to my lack of knowledge re:vehicles. Anyway so glad your hubs is safe! And glad to meet you!

    1. So glad to meet you too Sandra, and thanks for having a read and commenting so kindly. That was quick man, it says you commented just 9 minutes after I published this post. I'll have to think of a prize, I don't think that's ever happened before :) A Bakkie (pronounced bucky) is like a pick up truck I guess? Now I have to go check out your blog, because that's the law when you discover a new one. No more housework is being done today, I can tell ...

  2. Ooooh narrrrrsty. Glad to hear Hubs is fine and the bucky/bakkie is all better. I reckon fixing your own car might be the best way to go too - a lorry smashed our car while it was in a car park and it took us 6 months to get it sorted out! And that was only because we had witnesses, bless them. Anyway, yep - glad Hubs is okay and well done him for being so resourceful car-mendy-wise x

    1. 6 months is just ridiculous, is it not?? Insurance is not actually required here in SA, it's optional to all drivers so to be honest - drivers sorting it out amongst themselves is quite common. Still amazed at what Hubs and his guy achieved in such a short space of time though. I wouldn't have known where to start! Sweeping up the broken windscreen glass probably, most helpful :)

  3. holy smokes, girl! so happy your hubs is okay. so sorry about the truck. :o( that kinda sucks. but, could have been so much worse! can't wait for your flurry of posts. :o) hope it's all good news!

    1. COULD have been so much worse huh? We keep telling ourselves that. I can't wait for my flurry of posts either Monica, got three drafts but I can't decide which one to finish and post first. I'll probably run out of internet before I've chosen! Silly over-achieving blogger me :)

  4. Holy shit! Glad everyone is fine... Crept the car of course. That blows.

    Double hugs!


    1. Thanks Valerie, appreciate the double-hugs :) And the car IS okay again now so woo hoo! It's almost like the whole thing didn't even happen .. woooh.

  5. UGH. In my opinion, this is the worst kind of wreck to get in. The car in front of you is about to go, they're going, THEY'RE CLEARLY GOING...and then BAM they decide to stop (for no apparent reason). So it looks like you were at fault because you 'rear-ended' them...but really, you were just reacting to the situation as best you could (as your hubby did). It's the worst! But it's so awesome he's been so proactive about the situation!! If it were me, I'd probably still be bitterly complaining about everything :)

    1. Thanks Nicki, he really did get stuck in as soon as he got home I was amazed. I'd be demanding neck braces and moaning about whiplash for WEEKS afterwards :)


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