Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dear Readers (dramatic pause) I AM BACK!

Hello! *waves frantically* Anyone there? Gee, there's cobwebs everywhere and look at the dust...

Not as Excited as Me. *
I've been without a computer (other than my teeny, but awesome phone) since February and you won't believe how excited I am to be sitting in front of my (secondhand) new one now, typing with all of my fingers on an actual real keyboard!! Which makes me sound a bit archaic, I know - I should be blogging from my tab, no? But then I don't have one of those either so you can see why ANYTHING other than typing with my thumbs while squinting at a teeny tiny screen would be welcome.

Who knew I would miss the blogging world so much? Oh ... okay, I knew. Anyone that knows me could have figured it out too but yoh, it feels good to be back!

And after months away, you'd think I'd be bursting with post ideas, have notebooks full of notes and drafts huh? But it surprised me how much it effected me, knowing that I couldn't actually POST anything. I stopped wanting to write anything, went into a writing lull if you will. In fact, when I first sat down this morning I couldn't think what to say at all!

An hour in the sunshine in my garden and the words are flowing again, I'm glad to say.

I've done a lot of reading in the last six months or so, possibly to compensate for the lack of writing, and I've read many really awesome and inspiring articles, stories and blog posts.

My little phone doesn't allow me to comment on blogs and sites though, I'm not sure why but the fact that I couldn't say "Hi" or "Awesome" or "That's so funny" after reading anyone else's posts made me stop reading other blogs for a bit.

I'm sorry, I've missed you guys and I will be stalking you again soon.

For now, I will post this quick 'I'm Back' post to bring us all up to speed (because it helps me keep track of where I am too, I tell you) and then, THEN I shall write a proper post. Or two or three? Who knows? I can post whenever I like, haha!

We are still in South Africa for those that don't know. Why is a very long story so I think I must save that for another post one day. We are fine, we are healthy and happy and still working towards our now longer-term plans to get over to the UK for a spell. We've moved to the North West Province, about 80k North of Joburg but I have to be honest, I do miss the big city.

My three men (Hubs and boys) are as awesome and joy bringing as always. We sold our business in January and Hubs is still working in playgrounds here in the North West but I've now taken a break from being his business partner to focus on some of my ideas. I still do all his admin of course, but that's just part of being a wife to a man who runs his own business but can't type awfully well :)

Getting this PC set up was the first step of many for me though so you'll have to wait awhile for news on my next thing I think, I still have to decide which of my ideas to try out. Never fear though, I'll soon be plugging and asking for Facebook likes I'm sure.

Until then, SHE IS WRITING.


* I do so hate to use a photo without credit, but darned if I can find out who took this awesome pic. I have very learned readers, so please tell me if you know.