Friday, 3 January 2014

WeezaFish 2013: A Photo Review

Guys, I swear to you I have been sat here for the last hour deliberating over this post. Okay, to be fair I 'killed time' in between deliberating by catching up on some blog reading and Twittering a bit also. BUT STILL!

Isn't it the done thing? Doesn't EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER IN THE WORLD write a end of year review post? No?

I'm such a stubborn so-and-so. As soon as I felt I really should write a '2013 in Review' blog post, I of course didn't want to.

I convinced myself that I hadn't done enough post writing to MAKE a year review. Can you imagine? "So january we, er ... didn't seem to do that much ... MARCH there was a Birthday! April, May, June the dog got sick"

But guess what? I almost managed to post once every month last year so that excuse wasn't going to work.

I sat down and imagined pretended that by saying 'NO!' to the Review Post I would be released instead to write other posts. Of great interest, importance and OMG-this-girl's-so-funny humour.

Then I chastised myself for acting like a kid with three hours Maths homework to do and came up with this brilliant (and very lazy) idea to use photo's. Please understand, the time I have just saved myself (and you dear readers) will allow us ALL to do much, much, MUCH more exciting and valid things.


I was preparing myself for the big 'Back to School' and finding myself swinging wildly between missing my little baby boys (not really babies at all) and feeling like I'd been freed, if only for a few hours each day ...

"Woohoo! No more of Mummy's 'baking' attempts"
We had a lovely visit from my parents and I pondered modern day equality and judging by my photo albums for the month, we went swimming at the river an AWFUL lot.

February and March AND April

These were quiet months on the blog, I didn't post properly either month so I was either very busy doing very exciting and interesting things, or I had no internet access. Clue: it's the latter.

We moved house (again), celebrated Nate's fourth Birthday and I did manage to make a Photo Diary entry, enquiring quite where the f*@k I'd been.


In May I won an Interesting blog award from the Reluctant Mom and just HAD to post about it (like, literally. It was in the rules).


In June we visited one of my favourite reclaim yards, Independant Traders where I happily spend many hours rooting through things that smell old.

We had a staff Braai and also visited the Wondercaves, part of a small and private animal reserve near us called the Rhino and Lion Park which WE LOVE, you should all go if you're ever this way.

We love it, because it feels unspoilt. No cages, like at Joburg Zoo. No Tourists, like at the other, bigger Lion Park.

AND it has a WONDERCAVE!!! Need I say more? I think not.

Cave of WONDER ... oooo.


I managed two posts!! I was obviously feeling fat, because I tried to get healthy with my 5 Easy Tips post and I'm struggling again after my Christmas overeating, so it's quite timely for me to be reminded.

And I managed to finish a new page, Bloggers Who Read my Blog, this month also which pleased me because I'd been meaning to do this shout out for aaaages.


Ah August. A busy month at work and a busy (for me) month on my blog with THREE (yes, I said THREE) posts in August I must have had internet for sure :)

I was listing Cool facebook pages and Just Writing because I felt like it. This was the month Hubs crashed his bakkie also, which seems like a year ago now.


No posts to WeezaFish in September, we were clearly busy spending more time at the river and attending the boys school Fun Day. Worth it alone for the awesome Jumping Castle.

You're right, it's not a Castle at all.
And as if that wasn't enough fun, Tallen's 6th Birthday Pirate Party (which I always intended posting about separately and clearly am never going to get around to) was a blast. We had family and friends visiting that month also, I think September was one of my favourite months last year.

The pirate ship tree (the Black Pearl, aaAHHH Jim Lad!)
Face Paints for the kids. For the KIDS Weeza!!

Feeding the little pirates with Pirate food.
And a happy little Pirate at the end of his day, hiding his new treasure chest.


October I came back with a bit of a BANG and posted my piece on Online Pornography and how we should all be protecting our children from it.

At home, Hubs built more Yippy Playgrounds ...

We fell in love with our new dog, Sunny ...

And in our search for new Distributors, visited many a lovely Garden Centre.


In November, the bubbling thoughts that had been eating away at me for months and months burst out in my Time to Leave South Africa post. And we're still struggling with our goodbyes, but looking forward to all the hello's next month.

At home it seems we were reflective, enjoying our home and surroundings.

Going to the river and any nice spots we could find when we had spare time, and attending Nephews/Cousins party, that left us all feeling like Natey here.

And Tallen lost his first tooth!! Which led me to totally set myself up for future years by ensuring the Tooth Fairy left him this;

Check the little Fairy footprints!
Which unbelievably (to someone who thought she had no year review to post) brings us to ...


A month in South Africa that was almost totally overshadowed by the death of Nelson Mandela. No surprise then that my only post was Ta-Ta to Tata Mandela.

And at home, as we get closer to saying goodbye to this fair country we simply try to spend as much time as possible enjoying the things that we love.

Tallen's hailstone collection, from the stormy Spring days in December.

Dressing up in the garden (he's a Genie in case its not obvious) and check out my spring lawn, I need a lawnmower STAT!

Cooling down in my lovely Sister-in-Law's pool.

As we make the most of our last African Summer for a while, December's been lots of sunshine, friends and family and the great outdoors.

Oh, and Christmas of course.

Natey in his 'snow hat'. If he had his way, he'd wear it every day.

So there goes my year, and here's to another.

In South Africa, the media's very keen to come up with a nickname for 2014 that we all latch on to, but we're apparently not settled yet on either 'Twenty Fortune' or 'Twenty For Me' so whatever YOU want to call it, I truly hope 2014 is an awesome year for us all.

Happy Happy xxx