Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I Heart Blogging

I've had a love of writing and books since I was a kid. I know, you've heard this one before but stay with me please, that's the point really - that we're all hearing these voices, reading their stories.

English was my strongest subject at school and I went on to study English Literature for a while (er, so I dropped out after the first year) at college.

In my, ahem ... somewhat short college life, I joined a Creative Writing class which as it turned out, just meant involvement in the college Rag Mag, "The Grapevine". And this all sounds a lot more impressive (yes, really) than it actually was.

But those were the days my friend! Finding witty comment to make on college life, laid out alongside hilarious Far Side cartoons. Hanging out with the arty writer crowd and their interesting hair styles.

It was a bit of a flop really. Surprising ey? I only remember us printing one edition but the point was, I had fun.
Now, some twenty odd years later, the fact that I can sit at my P.C., make me a pretty blog site and write and publish whatever the bejiminy I feel like writing about truly fills me with a rosy glow of happiness. And I don't care if I only have five followers (hi dudes!) and two of them are my bessie mates.

I love doing it, and that's the reason I do it.

Should my blog ever attract enough interest for advertisers to come a knocking (snigger, I just can't imagine) I'd like to think I'd fold my arms and sternly say no. I'm not interested in money making on my blog. Then again. If it was someone really cool or a charity or something ....

Okaaaay. So I also have a dream, and it's a common one, of writing books, or a groovy newspaper column. But I don't really believe I'm good enough and it's not the reason I blog.
But that dream can happen. I've seen it. If you have a talent for writing, a blog can get you through doors previously blocked. With some old Newspaper Editor or Head of a Publishing House sat the other side. In a high backed, dusty old leather chair. Probably. Or something. Anyway ... as well as giving millions of people an outlet to make their thoughts and voices heard, it can't be denied that blogging is altering the publishing and journalism worlds and I think, for the better.

I read the Times on Sunday sometimes, and I can so see 'blog post style' in the column writing throughout the Lifestyle Magazine. Most of them have authors Twitter details listed.

Randy Glasbergen
And there's a whole blogging world out there too.

To enjoy reading, commenting on, getting to know and sharing with.

I'm sure you could get lost in it if you're not careful.

There's so many good writers and good people out there blogging every day I know I struggle to keep up with all the blogs I'd like to read and people I'd like to say "hi, love your blog" to.

And I'm sure there's many, many more I haven't even discovered yet.

So please excuse me, I have some more blog reading to do.

As do you, I'm sure.