Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Kids Wanna Say "Hi"

I think I need to relax my Privacy Settings a little, often something is heard or said in our house and followed by the comment "you should put that on your blog". They don't end up on here because I find it hard to put our conversations into type without including names and I've tended so far to keep my kids names and faces off the blog.

Hubby is just that, Hubby. He likes the anonymity. I think he imagines my blog to be more widely read, hopes people somewhere are wondering "who is that awesome sounding Hubby fella on WeezaFish's blog???" Maybe one day baby!

The kids up until now have been referred to by age only, the four-year-old and the nearly-two-year-old. Bit of a mouthful.

So let me (kind of) introduce my kids. My eldest boy, Tallen. Now four and a half and a rip roaring, mess inducing, muddy, loud, Titanic obsessed, "oo look, I found a snail" kind of a boy.

Also sensitive and very loving. He told me yesterday he was upset that a little boy at preschool wouldn't be friends with him. "I just keep saying hi and trying to give him cuddles Mummy, but he pushes me away". Man, I love him so.

And this is Nate. Natey Noodle to his friends. Two next month which puts him smack in the middle of that very cute "everything's a new, exciting adventure" stage. Also means he's prone to climbing high walls without considering how he'll get down.

Currently toilet training, likes to take his pants and nappy off at regular intervals and run around shouting "NAKED BABY!!" and giggling. Way too cute for his Pampers that one.

So there they are, my boys on my blog (minus Hubby of course, who we've already established, quite enjoys the imagined hidden fame of his anonymity). How do other Mum's feel about this? I know some of you blog openly - some of you hide your kids and family a bit behind fake names or ages, like me.

Anyhoooooo, I digress, I digress, I digress.

The reason for introducing them was so I could post one of those "you should put that in your blog" conversations, heard in my house last night.

I fear I've built it up way too much now, it's really not that funny!

Hubby (walking into room): "Little Sherbet"
Me: Who?
Hubby: "Tallen. He just totally drew me into this whole fantasy world of his, and we were talking in depth about this idea he had when he suddenly stopped the fantasy, and went back to reality. Just as I was getting involved"
Me: "Huh?"
Hubby: "Well, I was joining in. Offering fantastical ideas to go with his fantastical game and then he laughed at me. Told me it was a silly idea that wouldn't work really. Made me look a right idiot."
Me: "A ha ha ha ha ha (supportive as ever). Can I put that on my blog?"
Hubby: "Mumble, grumble ... little sherbet".


  1. Kids eh? Ha ha ha.
    Oh, and I KNOW who that awesome sounding fella on Weezafish's blog is! Ya-ha! I win! (Cue Victory Dance).

    1. Yay you! He'll have to think of a prize for you now. Shall we high five and bump chests??

  2. Derrick and I have these conversations all the time. Blogging fame is like a notoriety to our partners, except Derrick doesn't have a secret code name because I do NOT need to give that boy any more ego. But I digress.

    So whenever Derrick says anything remotely funny and I laugh, he'll grin and say modestly-- as if he were granting me a favor -- "Yes, you can put that on your blog." Without me asking. Or hinting. Or mentioning the blog at all.

    It's made him believe he's a full-fledged Internet comedian. IT'S RUINING HIM.

    1. Ah that's so funny. Does he offer to pose for pics too?


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