Saturday, 17 March 2012

Well I Never ... No. 4

Three Cool, Useful or Otherwise Interesting Things I Didn't Know a Month Ago.

1. Google Image Search Match
When you're doing an image search in Google, see that little blue camera there? Did you think it was just for fun, like me? If you click on it, you can upload or otherwise select an image of your own and then ask Googles Image Search to find any matching or near matching images. Cool ey? Uses? Er, I dunno, but it's fun! I guess if you were a photographer, you could use it to check if your pics are being used elsewhere or if you had a pic and you wanted to find the original source. If it can't find an exact match, the near matches it suggests can be amusing. It's a Google search after all.

2. Women Should Pee More
I seem to be learning more about my body the older I get. I guess that's normal is it? If I'm still blogging/alive and kicking in thirty years, it'll be all 'Ways to Overcome Arthritis' and 'Sex After Menopause'. Actually, if I'm still blogging in my 70's let us hope it's a fraction more interesting than that. I digress. I often do. Where was I, oh yeah - women should pee more. We're much more prone to UTI's than men and it's largely because a lot of us 'hold it' for far too long and don't empty our bladders properly when we do go. (Excuse me, should this post carry a warning? Is it a bit gross for sensitive readers? Sorry!). Busy days, whether working or home-Mummying, coupled with that "I'll just finish this first ..." attitude and next thing you know you're at the end of your day/12 hour shift and you realise you haven't been all day. Bad, bad, bad. Ladies, drink more water and take the time to PEE women, PEE I tell you!! Putting it off will no doubt ensure problems later on, especially if you've had children. Remember laughing until you wet yourself when you were a kid? You'll be back there again, only now the slightest giggle is all you need. Or a sneeze. Or a cough.

3. Yellow or Green Lights Can Deter Insects
If you know me, or have read my page 'Things That Make Me Lose My Cool', then you'll know about my hatred for Mosquitoes. I am, therefore, very excited to learn of anything new (to me) which might help keep them away. And I've been told, in a random discussion with my Landlady about gardening (she's even worse than I am for digressing), that Green or Yellow light repels insects. Hmmmm, really? I found this, I have yet to try it, but it's enough coupled with my Landlady's advice to make me want to go and buy some new green and yellow bulbs for our Stoep (porch). I'll let you know how it goes ......


  1. I've heard that peeing more often if you're a woman because of UTI helps and since I read that, I'm pretty sure people think I have a bladder the size of walnut. ;)

    I've also read that using the restroom right after sex also helps prevent UTI's. That's probably too much info though. :)

    1. Whether it's too much info, I'm glad to know - thanks! (I think) Ha!

  2. I did not know that about google search or about the yellow lights, so thank you! I did know about the peeing thing, but unfortunately am prone to "I can hold it!".

    1. Aha, then I shall try not to make you giggle too much Kat ... :)



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