Sunday, 12 August 2012

Reading, Writing and Visitors from Overseas

Gee whiz it's been busy in our lives of late. And that busy-ness (not business) combined with my usual limited internet issues leaves not much space for blogworld. And I love Blogworld!

I know, it's not really a 'world' as such, just not sure how else to explain it. I love blogging, I love the blogs I read and the folks that write them. What would you call it? Blogworld ...?
I have SO much reading to do. And it's not like when you were at school, with a pile of reading to do that you're not that interested in. I have SO much reading to do written by people who's writing I love man. So it's more like that feeling you get when you're into a good book, and can't find the time to sit down with it.

I need to buy myself some serious MB's, make myself a big mug of tea and find the time to sit down and read, read, read. I can't wait!

It will have to wait for now though ...

We have another visitor yayyy!! Can you tell I'm excited, can you? One of my younger sisters is out for a hols and I haven't seen her since Hubby and I first came out here to SA over four years ago.

She arrived on Tuesday for ten days (way too short sis) and we have a heck of a lot of sisterly stuff n' stuff to catch up on. Loving having her here, loving that I can hug her every day. Hee!

Despite lack of MB's and time, I've actually been writing lots. Since I last 'promoted' I've had another TWO pieces published on Indie Chicks (yay!) one all about shopping at speed and another about Self Improvement. Please read if you have time and throw me some comments if you haven't already. If you feel like it of course, not like I can make you or anything.

Having been asked by Singles Warehouse SA to become a Relationships Expert ... stop laughing. I know but, stop laughing. I've finished my bio for them and written two pieces, which totally surprised me as I had wondered what on earth I was going to write for them about. But sometimes the words just flow hey?

Also got lots of drafts for WeezaFish, A Nervous Tic Motion AND I'm working on a short story for The Indie Chicks fiction competition. Have you heard about it? Have a go I say! Although, being me, I am currently struggling to write anything 'short'. Waffle, waffle ...

All this in preparation for the day, coming very soon, when WeezaFish gains UNCAPPED INTERNET!!!!

Can you imagine how excited I am? Four years of paying for every sodding MB and soon I will be roaming the net ... free and carefree. Oh. My. Word. I have so many plans, so much I want and need to do that I will at last be able to.

To a chick that loves and really uses the net, I feel like my clipped wings are about to be regrown. And that'll be the fiction writing thing, making me go all poetic on you peeps.

You wait, you'll be sick of the sound and sight of me soon ...