Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Two Birthdays, Two Links and Fifty Cup Cakes

Of the three men in my immediate family (Hubby and sons), two of them have Birthdays this month within three days of each other.

We are just a little bit Birthday crazy in the house right now and excitement is reaching levels usually reserved for Christmas Eve.

Eldest son, Tallen, will be turning five on Friday. In the UK this is the age kids start Primary School so it's a real milestone age to me, big boy now. Bless him, always my baby. And I say that in a balanced, non-smothering kind of way. 
Special mention at this stage of preparations must go to Tallens Aunty, who baked more than FIFTY chocolate cupcakes for his party at school. She's also helping me organise Hubbys Birthday surprise belatedly for next weekend ... sshhh he might be reading. I'll tell you later.

Despite the Birthday mayhem (you ever tried to hide fifty cupcakes from a five year old?) and as promised, I hereby go links crazy on your fine arses (see how British I am? Arrr-ses) and beg hope that you follow one or both for one of my latest Writes Elsewhere.

Before you roll your eyes, later this afternoon I'm also posting The Best Kids Movies Evvveeerrrr movies reviews, as chosen by two year old Nate. Although I may shorten the title so Google likes me more.

I have a new Indie Chicks post up, all about how easy it is really (kind of) to Start Your Own Business. Go see if you missed it, and may it inspire you to do your own thing. If you don't already of course.

And ... my first post on Singles Warehouse is up (why am I nervous about this collaboration?!). As I met Hubby online and as SW is primarily an online dating site I decided to make my first post Tips for Online Dating. It worked for me!

And talking of my lovely Hubby, it was his Birthday yesterday so belatedly - on the blog at least, Happy Happy Hubby. Love you so xx