Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cats and Dogs and Hair EVERYWHERE!

At the risk of doing a bit of a boring post about pets, I'm going to do exactly that!

I hereby promise that my next post will be cool and edgy. And not about pets.

Remember the two cats we stumbled across in our back garden rescued, Black and Jetta? Now fully grown big boy cats both doing well and both very much at home with us now.

Jetta and his new 'brother'.
They also have a friend. We haven’t named him yet because we didn’t officially adopt him. He just joins them at every meal and eats whatever they leave him after they’ve done. Which wasn’t much, so we got him his own bowl … and suddenly we have three cats!

It seems a bit odd to us that there would be so many cats in need of a home and a good feeding in our area, we're wondering if this new cat is in fact a brother, from the original litter we rescued. His colouring's different to Black and Jettas, but very similar to their Mums.

And me not really a cat person. How did I end up with a 7kg bag of ‘Catmor’ in my kitchen cupboard FFS?!

And then along came the dog. We had been talking about getting a dog, we’d visited the local SAPCA, found out what it entailed, how much it cost and decided on a medium sized dog, preferable long haired. Collie or Retriever, something like that.

Pixie, actual size
But then Pixie came into our lives. A Jack Russell cross, smaller than the average cat with an interesting Mohican of fluffy white hair all down her neck and back. 

Okay, she wouldn’t win anything at Crufts (maybe Scruffs) but for all her fluff and her diminutive size, she has a heart the size of a lion. She came to us via Hubbys sister, where she was one dog of three and a bit of a handful at times, as little dogs can be, with all the bigger dog competition around her.

Initially I said “No”. I’m not a little dog fan, I don’t like dogs in the house all the time, “I want a collieeeee” (cue whingy voice). But Hubby won this time damn him. 

'Killing' her favourite toy. Ferocious huh?
And of course now we’ve all fallen in love with Pixie, despite her little dog yap and the fact that her hairs now cover every item of clothing we own and every surface in our home.

I’m amazed she has any hair left on her body because there’s more about our home and clothing than on her.

And we are still going to get what we now refer to in our house as ‘Mummys’ dog, hopefully a collie but when the time comes to choose at the SAPCA, I’m a sucker for a pair of sad eyes so I may come home with something entirely different. We’ll see …

Whatever we get, it'll have to be dog that loves cats and other dogs.

And we must get us a new and powerful Hoover. There's a lot of hairs to suck up!