Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Writing on Other Sites: I've Been Moonlighting Again

Do you remember Moonlighting, that 80's TV show with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd? The title of this post just got me reminiscing, I was a big fan. Oh yeah.
They were Detectives, in case that isn't apparent from the picture.

And I digress.

See how I write? Just a constant babble really. A flow directly from my brain to the keyboard to my blog.

Hardly surpising then that I find I have 'excess thoughts' that end up on my PC without a home to go to. I mean, if I posted on WeezaFish as many times as I thought about posting on WeezaFish, well. Let's just say it would be hard to keep up. And you'd probably get bored or something.

Good then, I feel, that from time to time I lovingly and freely give up my excess babble carefully and thoughtfully written pieces to other sites that I love and that (shock horror) WANT me to submit stuff I've written to them. I know, it's only a matter of time before they figure it out hey?

Until they do, remember A Nervous Tic Motion? Come on, I've told you about Elle from Thisismommyhood and her other site before. I posted a 'New Tic' yesterday entitled 'Did They Tell You How Hard Parenting Was? No, Me Neither' 

Please go see if you're not too busy. As always, I am a great big sponge of a sucker for comments, unless I make you speechless of course?

AND (okay, get ready to either scream or laugh) WeezaFish, as in little old me, is now ... officially ... a SINGLES WAREHOUSE EXPERT!!!

I know, I'm not sure how that came about either but stay with me. I'll be posting for them once a fortnight my er, expert views on relationships and my first post goes up on 13th September. I shall be posting and Tweeting when it does.

In the meantime, they did a little welcome interview with me which you can read (and comment on, comments people) here where I reveal, amongst other things, my most embarassing dating episode.

Why am I one of those people who can't lie? Can't I just make something up when asked a direct and personal question? And I thought my About Me was revealing enough for a naturally quite shy really English girl. *sigh*

If I hadn't done enough damage with that (not really, loving it) then there's two more posts in the pipeline for the Indie Chicks too. First one goes up on Friday I think, but I shall keep you posted. On the upcoming posts.

Too many 'posts' in this post? I think so.

P.S. I'm not sure why Blogger is messing with my font size, I do apologise if you're having to adjust your eyes. I typed it all the same size Blogger, WTF?!