Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Photo Diary Time: Where TF Have I been??!!

You know that feeling you get when you turn up late? And possibly last to arrive also, to something really important that you really should have been on time for?

That's how I feel now, as I sit down (at friggin' last) to write this post.

I mean, seriously, where TF have I been?

I'm not going to say simply 'busy' or 'out of internet scope' (as we are in our new home, apparently) but both have been factors to my absence. Still, I feel bad. My last post was at the end of January FFS so I'm going to try and catch you up quick with what I've been up to before getting myself settled down to some nice juicy blog post writing and reading *sips tea, stretches fingers like a pianist*

The quickest way I can think of to catch you up, is a PHOTO DIARY POST YAYYY! No? Just me then.

So, I cast my mind back to January ....

Oo no, first I must show you this:

All is Explained HERE!
I got my 'Writes Like a Slut' T-Shirt yay! Delivered all the way from the USA to SA (too many SA's?) by the lovely Kat at Kat O' Nine Tales just because I expressed a want. Aren't I lucky? Kat, I haven't forgetten my promise either. I shall send you some online vouchers soon.

In January, my parents came over from the UK for what has become in recent years, their 'annual' holiday out to see us. I ... truly ... cannot ... express ... quite ... HOW MUCH it means to have them out here. Two weeks of sheer loveliness, warm hearts and lots of smiles all round *sigh*

Lots of this kind of fun with the kids ("put the money in Grandad")
A few of these fellas.
Some serious Grandparent/Grandchild bonding
and two very tired and happy little boys at the end of every day.
In February of course we had Valentines Day. I got a kid-free day at the Mall with cash *kerching* as a present. Romantic? Maybe not, but thoughtful .. yes indeed. Bless Hubby, he was working long days that month - luckily for me, in the centre of town right next to a lovely big Mall.

First thing I did, seeing as nobody asked, was buy a magasine and a coffee and sit and chill for an hour. Ah, it was a blissful day. Simple pleasures indeed.

At the end of February, we moved house. Again. We did so in October last year, if you recall. It's a looong story and this is supposed to be a quick catch up in the form of photos, but briefly the place we moved to in october turned out to have pretty major security issues. And a Landlord who didn't think it necessary to either TELL people of the issues or do anything about them.

Sooo f*@k it, we moved again. And we think (don't want to tempt fate) that we have at last found our perfect spot. Did I say that last time we moved?! We're still renting, this was about finding our spot in Joburg to last us a couple of years or so until we can buy.

It's about three times BIGGER. It's much, much SAFER. It's LOVELIER. And it's CHEAPER. I know, we're darned lucky huh?

Check the metal roof, very farm-housey and sounds awesome when it rains!
I see a hammock between those trees ..
About one-third of the lounge. Note, I didn't hang the curtains first :)
My New Kitchen!! Ok, enough house now ..
The day after we moved in it was March and soon after, my Birthday, which was rather cool. I must have been too busy that day telling everyone it was my Birthday to take any photos but I was spoilt with pressies and a cake and a lovely sunny day in the new home.

I did also get this cake on Facebook from my bessie mate ..

Facebook cake counts too, right?
I like to think she actually made it (and ate it) herself but I'm pretty sure her handwriting's neater than that. My REAL cake did look similar, honest.

For the rest of March, we made the most of the last days of Summer swimming at the river.
Added 'Yippy' to some more playgrounds

Visited a playground made from recycled plastic bags. And drank juice :)
AND (was a busy month) Hubby via Yippy (kind of) helped on the SkyRoomLive project in Joburg. He and his team installed a rainbow coloured deck for this uber cool rooftop live music venue in the centre of town. And we get free tickets for evermore ... woo hoo!!

Deck foundation going in, check the views.

And rainbow paint being applied.
So you see, we have been up to quite a lot whilst I haven't been HERE .. but I have missed being HERE I must say. I have many blog posts to read, pretty sure my Google Reader will explode if I don't start soon, AND I have a few draft posts to finish AND an idea for a new series of posts (yes, I said series as in quite a few posts to write) for the Indie Chicks. I am crazy with my plans, no?

Wish me luck, I'll be back soon! xx