Thursday, 30 May 2013

An Interesting Blog Award from The Reluctant Mom

Guess what? I won an Interesting Blog Award!!

Did I 'win'? I’m not sure, it’s one of those very lovely awards bestowed from a fellow blogger and personally, I like those types of awards more than most prizes. So as far as I’m concerned, I won … yay!!

It’s come from one of those bloggers too. You know the really good ones? The ones who win proper awards like “Best Blimmin’ Blog in South Africa EVERRR” (can’t be sure of the wording). The bloggers that bloggers like me look up to. One of THOSE.

The Reluctant Mom’s blog was (not fibbing, I promise) the very first blog I started to read. Because what do we all do when we first start blogging? We realise we need/want to read others blogs too and we Google search “best blogs everrr”. Reluctant Mom came up and I’ve read her avidly ever since. She is a bit special and awesomely ‘real’, so go check her out if you haven’t already. Really, don’t delay. Her recent post of pics of Celebs, as they'd look if they were ordinary people. Man. You will need to empty your bladder first. Don't say I didn't warn you.

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw she had commented on one of my posts, so you can imagine my excitement when I realised she’d actually bestowed me something. Okay, okay .. I know I’m getting over excited about this but let me. Please.

Here’s my new badge;
Nice eh? I like being interesting. Doesn’t mean she thinks I’m weird, does it? No, no. Interesting. Interesting’s good.

Reluctant Mom made the badge, And they are ‘new’ because for some reason, every time these type of awards get forwarded the Blogger feels an urge to tweak them a little. Add their own personal stamp so to speak. Me included.

There are some rules, in accepting the ‘Badge of Interest’ as I have decided we shall now refer to it, I accept the conditions of the badge (I really am milking this now) and agree to push it forward to bring joy (I hope) to another THREE BLOGGERS OF MY CHOICE!

I know, this is fun huh?

So pay attention now, I’ve stopped talking about me, this bit’s for YOU!!

Choosing was hard. I very quickly realised that all my favourite blogs are interesting. Then it occurred to me that this is my first chance to bestow, and it feels right to me to use it as a way to say thank you, for the support I get here at WeezaFish. So I checked back on all my comments and picked the three fellow bloggers who comment the most.

It worked out perfectly, because I also feel all three of these Bloggers deserve a shout out.

So, without further ado.

I, WeezaFish. Badge of Interest award winning blog writer (too much?? I don’t win things often, go with it) HEREBY BEQUEATH and forward and award and stuff … a further three Badge of Interest Awards to … (yup, do the drumroll):

1. DO NOT BREAK THE DOG: An insight into the life of a 40something, dog owning, mum to 3, creative, under-achieving, WW2 obsessive.

2. JUST SHY OF PERFECTION: Then it all turns to shit.

3. A DAY IN THE LIFE: Welcome to my mind.

YAYY!! You three lucksters may now scroll back up, and claim that badge as rightfully yours!

Okay, there’s rules now.

1.       Thank the person who nominated you

2.       List 5 random facts about yourself

3.       Nominate a MAXIMUM of 3 blogs for the award

4.       Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice

5.       Let them know you have nominated them

6.       Promise to never listen to Justin Bieber again (that was Reluctant Mom’s personal touch) OR (my add on) FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER. So there.

It should be fun, you don’t have to forward but … go on, bestow on others.

Here’s my 5 questions for my three bloggers:

1. When did you start Blogging and why?
2. What treat or pamper could you just not do without?
3. Which tune would, without question, have you leaping to your feet and strutting to the dancefloor?
4.Imagine; You have an entire weekend free, nothing on your To Do List, millions in the bank and only yourself to please. What do you do?
5. Where did you put your keys?!

So, back to ME and following the rules;

THANK YOU Reluctant Mom, for awarding me this beautiful badge and for making me feel all warm inside. And interesting. Just to clarify, not weird. Right?

Here’s FIVE random facts about myself:

1. My morning ‘wake up’ is two cups of Earl Grey tea, milk, no sugar. And a faaagg. Before I do anything else in my day, this I must do.

2. I met my Hubby, who's South African, on a UK dating site.
3. I'm a real Gadget Girl. If I had the money I'd probably be one of the first to buy Google Glass (ooo).
4. I was born in Cyprus.
5. Sunsets draw me. If there's one nearby, I have to go and watch. And insist that anyone with me take a moment to look. So much so, it's the first thing I check when viewing a house. Where does the sun set?

And lastly, here’s the Questions Reluctant Mom asked, and my answers:

1. What would you buy with five rand?

I have to resist the temptation to buy something for my boys … and I’ll pretend we’re not talking about my LAST five rand here, or else my answer honestly would be some loose cigarettes from the Spaza shop. I know. So, okay I have a random five rand to spend on myself … I’m saying chocolate. Was I supposed to donate it to charity?

3.    When was the last time you told a lie? And what was it?

Err .. this morning. When I told my five year old Tallen that no, I didn’t know where the two leftover iced buns from yesterday had gone. I told him maybe he should ask his Daddy.

4.    When was the last time you went for a mammogram?  Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?

I don’t think they’re ever that bad, but for me it ALL depends on the person doing the examination. Warm, friendly and preferably female then it’s a piece of cake. My last one was about … *thinks hard* three years ago. And that’s why Reluctant Mom’s so awesome. See what she did there? Reminded me I should go have a mammogram. Smarty pants.

5.    What was the worst baby/child name you have ever heard?

Hmmm … ha ha. I’m having trouble thinking of one to be honest. I mean, kids are cute when they’re small and they kind of make any name cute, because you associate it with them. Even ‘Eggbert’ could be cute when applied to a two year old. While I can’t think of a specific, I can think of a general annoyance with regard to kids names, those lengthy, mouthy kind of names that just cannot be shortened. As a kid, I was lucky enough to mix with a few ‘posh’ kids but man, yelling their names across the playground “HERMIONE!! PORSHA!!”. Ahem.

6.    What is the phrase you swore you would never use, and now you are sounding just like your mother and screaming it down the passage?

Definitely “Because I said so”. I was all “I would never say that, I’d EXPLAIN for my child”. A ha ha ha ha ha *sigh* Motherhood eh?

Okay GO you three nominees. Relish in your badge and throw it on forward.

Much love xx