Thursday, 17 May 2012

Get Me, I Did a Guest Post!!

Ah me, it's another link for that other WeezaFish who writes elsewhere.

Actually, it's all me wherever I'm writing. I like the idea of having an 'Alter Ego' blog where I swear lots and talk about my sex life too much, but I just don't have the attention to detail that I think that would require. Meaning I'd forget which blog was which, and end up sharing something I really didn't mean to on Facebook to my family. With hilarious consequences .....

They used to use those three words at the end of nearly every TV Guide review of a comedy show in the UK. "This week, Tom's car breaks down again and he gets in trouble with the law. With hilarious consequences".

I digress.

I did a Guest Post, yay! My first ever. Okay, first time asked too so call me a Guest Post Slut if you want, but I couldn't say no.

Elle of Thisismommyhood and A Nervous Tic Motion fame was the one doing the asking. And she's lovely, hey? If you haven't already come across her writing, go link crazy for a minute and enjoy a read. She's pretty darn good. Real talking always, funny often.

She was even thoughtful enough to save me time (she understands the busy Mum thing) by letting me do a Guest Post for her that's also my first post for A Nervous Tic. How cool is that? Having said that, I've got so many ideas for writing posts right now, she may soon regret asking me!

So here you go, without further ado. My FIRST. EVEEERRR. GUEST POST. Woop Woop!