Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Throw Your Hands Up at Me

"All the women, who are independent .. throw your hands up at me!"

(Hands in the air like you just don't care).

"My house, I bought it (I rent). My car, I bought it (I don't drive). My .. er ... la la, THROW YOUR HANDS UP AT ME!!"

No? Partying on my own here?


I've only been blogging for ... (let me just check) ... it'll be a year next month. Woo hoo! I'll let you know where the party's at. So, less than a year and the very cool and pretty awesome Chiara Mazzucco of Chiara Says contacts me and asks me if I would write a post for a new online magazine she's co-founded, The Indie Chicks which went live today. (Yay! Happy Going Live Day Indie Chicks! *CHINK*).

Say what?! Let's just get off the floor and back on my chair.

Chiara is a very good writer and a pretty awesome Indie Chick, which in this instance, stands for Independent. Not prone to dressing a bit gothic and having a penchant for unsigned bands, as you may have thought.

On Chiara Says, she gives brutally honest, intelligent and no-BS advice on dating and relationships with a totally natural empathy and humour. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, she's like, way cool.

Her new site is (as stated) "An online Magazine for the Bad Ass Independent Woman".

And she asked ME! Oh yeah, I walk my own path in life you see.

*Snigger* High Five. Just doing another victory circuit of the lounge with my T-shirt over my face, back in a sec ...

It's all becoming clear to you now my friends, this isn't a Blog Post oh no. It's an unashamed attempt to get you to go looksee. A plug if you will. In Chiaras own words "We believe in the power of a thousand supportive voices over the whisper of one arrogant one." So go be supportive, The Indie Chicks are there for you.

Oh, almost forgot (yeah, right). Here's a link to my post for them, although I'd rather you sat down with a cup of tea and browsed the entire site trying to find it. I think you'll thank me.