Sunday, 20 May 2012

Well I Never ... No.5

Did anyone notice I missed this post last month? Ssssshhhh. Can you believe I was struggling to think of three new things I'd learnt? Shocking. I should be a total sponge for new knowledge, learning new things every day. Had I really not learnt anything new in a month? Sheesh.

And then Hubby, as he so often does, came to the rescue. Over the years, I've learnt a shedload of interesting and useful knowledge from Hubby, he's a great source. In the space of a few days last week, he'd taught me three brand spanking new things so without further ado, and as an ode really to Hubby and his fountain of uncapped knowledge ...

Three Cool, Useful or Otherwise Interesting Things I Didn't Know a Month Ago.

1. You Don't Need to Change all the Batteries.
I needed some new batteries for my camera last week and as Hubby was about to dash into a Hardware store, I asked him to grab some for me if they had. My camera takes four AA size batteries, he came out with a pack of two "Look" says he, "Lithium batteries for your camera". "That's so cool" says I "only two though, I need another two". "No you don't" says Hubby, and drives on. I was heading out with him to take pics at a customers playground, I'm worried now - has Hubby gone loopy? "baby, the camera takes four batteries. I need two more. Really". As he drives he explains to me why I really don't. Those four batteries in my camera connect to complete a circuit that powers the camera. As long as that circuit is connected, i.e. four batteries are in the camera, it doesn't matter if they don't all have full power. The circuit will be complete, and the power in the two new batteries along with two of the flat ones, will power the camera just not for as long as if you replaced all four. Two batteries are still going strong, I'll let you know when they run out!

2. Babies are Born will Nearly Full Size Eyes.
A lot of Mums know this one already I'm sure, but it was news to me. Our eyes are the organ of our body that grows the least. Our eyes and sockets are almost full size, so to speak, when we're born and our heads a little oversized in proportion to our bodies also. For most of us, the proportions even out as we grow up but to start off with, we all have GREAT BIG EYES!! Your new born baby's eyes are almost the same size as yours dude!! I'm a bit freaked I have to be honest. It does explain why our kids look so damn cute when they're pleading with us for something though.

3. A Half Filled Plastic Bottle = No Pet Poo on Your Lawn

Did you know, that if you fill a 2 litre plastic drinks bottle half full with water, put the lid on and put it on your lawn, your dog won't poo there? Or your cat. Not really sure why, but it works! Big lawn, you'll need more bottles.

And thank you my Hubby, for teaching me new stuff this month.