Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What's Going on Over at WeezaFish?

You nearly got a post then, but I realised in writing it last week that I was all inspired by my recent addition to the Indie Chicks family and it was really more of an Indie Chicks thing, so I sent it to them.

They posted it today, yay! Go see, go see. Comment if you please (not afraid to just ask for your comments me).

AND now the lovely Elle of Thisismommyhood has asked me too, would I post to her site A Nervous Tic Motion! Jeepers, it feels nice to be asked. Elle's another great writer I admire in blog world, and I love her 'other' site. And man she's nice, I call her Lady Elle. She is a Lady.

I sent her something today, I hope to be linking you to it on her site soon.

But I don't want anybody worrying that these new found writing outlets of mine are going to turn WeezaFish into a blog of links to other sites where my actual writing is. So here's a list, a sneak preview if you will, of my upcoming posts to WeezaFish. Indie Chicks, Elle you're very lovely and cool and all that but you can't have them. Listen to me, talking like I'm some big shot now. Snicker.

Coming soon to WeezaFish ...

Perfect Love vs. Real Love - is there any such thing as a perfect love? Methinks not.

There's a Rat in My Kitchen, What AM I Gonna Do? No Really, Help.

What Did We Learn from The Recession? - Using credit cards again? Me too.

And Regular Posts,

Next "Well I Never" post - no spoilers but I skipped one last month so the next one must be good.

Planned "Memories Of" posts - Ibiza, Office Work, College, Festivals, Road Trip around South Africa, Working in English Pubs ....

Come back, ya hear? I mean, why wouldn't you with that lot to look forward to.