Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dinner in The Sky

Hubby and I saw a crane in the sky above our local Mall on the way home this evening and as we got closer I asked him "is that people sitting up there?".

He nodded, he'd been handed a flyer earlier and was fully up to speed with the latest dining experience to hit the streets of Joburg.

"Yup, it's people having dinner. There's a chef up there cooking for them."
"WTF? Dinner?? On a crane?!"
"Yeah, or breakfast or lunch depending on the time of day. I think dinner's more expensive though".

I pointed it out to my four year old, hoping to get a more excited reaction.

"See the people having dinner in the sky?" says I. But it was too high, I don't think he could really comprehend it and I was alone in my awe.

I looked up some pics on Google when I got back. All from here, where you'll find details of the company that organises the meals - in case you want to try it.

Okay, so the table's hooked to the crane, your chair is bolted to the table and you are safely strapped into your seat.

There's no floor, people. There's no walls!

Let's hope you enjoy it once you get up there, it would be hard to leave the table.

Chef has his spot to cook and prepare, whilst you chat to you business colleagues and friends. And try not to look down. Or lose your lunch over the side.

It would be a shame to waste it, you can have a three course, a la carte meal some 40m up from the ground.

You can book it for business meetings, parties and weddings.

They'll even provide the entertainment (is that Roxette ...?!).

I like the idea, I don't suffer from vertigo - but I still can't imagine it's something Hubby and I will ever get to try.

Has anyone out there tried it? I'd love to know what it's like ...


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    1. Not a big new thing over in the UK then? Health and Safety nightmare ha! xx


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