Sunday, 19 February 2012

Well I Never ... No. 3

Three Cool, Useful or Otherwise Interesting Things I Didn't Know a Month Ago.

1. Smartphone Barcodes
Get me, being all Techy on my blog. And I’m nothing but a user really. I love Technology, but I don’t get passed the user stage. Shiny, blinky lights and “it can do WHAT??!! Show me how, show me how!” is where I’m at.
My dear friend Clare however, is a true Techy. She doesn’t just use and drool over blinky lighted gadgets and technology, she understands the workings. She can even make Techy. Oh yeah. She told me recently that often when she chats to folk, their eyes glaze over and she realises she’s lost them with her Techy talk. It’s happened to me often. I bow to her superior Techyness.

Imagine then, my possibly over enthused excitement when she showed me this;

It’s a QR (Quick Response) Barcode. Have we all seen these yet? Am I, in fact, over here in Africa, the last to know? They make getting URLs, location coordinates, any text or contact information onto a phone as easy as you like. With a barcode scanner app installed you can scan them with your Smartphone and it’ll wop the info straight into your phone. Go on, try it! (To find a scanner application, Google "QR Reader" and the model of your phone). This barcode leads to mine and Hubbys business site. How. Cool. Is. That. If not already, you’ll see them soon printed on advertising and business cards, on TV ads. Everywhere I’m sure. And just think – you may have seen it here first. Well, if you live in South Africa. Or the Outer Hebrides. Love you Clare. And all your Techyness.

2. Kopi Luwak Coffee
Drink my Poo? Anyone?
Hubby told me about this one. I just thought "ewww, that's one of those blokey facts/urban myths". Like 'your head will explode if you try and sneeze with your eyes open' but it turns out to be disgustingly true. I feel the need to draw attention for those who may have missed it on Oprah, just in case you find yourself winning the lottery or otherwise making/inheriting a shedload of money and being offered it in a posh and swanky restaurant one day. SAY NO!! EMPHATICALLY NO!! IT'S MADE FROM POO!! The Asian Palm Civet eats the coffee beans and then is followed around all day until he poops. The poop is gathered, washed (oh, okay then ...), sundried, roasted and ... voila! The rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. OMFG. Memorise that name with me, KOPI LUWAK. Just say no.

3. Flies See in Slooooow Motion
Kind of, it's to do with their 360 vision but it means that if something is moving slow enough towards them, they can't see it. Next time you're trying to swat one, give up the old 'creep up slowly with your fly swatter/rolled newspaper and then BAZOOIE!! Whack them quick' approach. Try instead a very sloooow approach, no sudden movements as you slooowly approach the fly (am I stressing the slow enough?) and you'll find you can literally touch that fly before he even knows you're there. I am now invisible to flies. I feel a bit Ninja. Cool.


  1. I read that first line as 'Get me, being all tetchy...' and was confused to read on to find you as perky and enthusiastic as ever.
    Surely, I thought, it would have made more sense to start with 'Get me, being all TECHY...'?


    1. Ah funny, I can be Tetchy if you like?

  2. Oh my gosh, I've heard of that coffee and I don't know how anyone could kick back and enjoy their coffee knowing it came out of an animal's ass. :D

    1. Exactly Elle, dunk a biscotti anybody? Eww

  3. Its still in the cupboard, not even tried it. His mother can try it if she likes. Poo coffee is not something for me.

    1. 'His mother can try it ..' hee hee hee


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