Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thank You, Gruffalo

I remember the time my eldest son first got into a movie, he was about two, it was the deliciously fabulous My Neighbour Totoro.

Despite the fact that the movie's entirely in Japanese, he would sit in front of it totally entranced from start to finish, without so much as a peep. Now four, it's still one of his favourites.

Prior to that movie capturing him, only a 7 minute episode of Pocoyo could hold his attention to keep him still and quiet for any length of time.

Recently the youngest, turning two next month, discovered a British producton of the children's poem The Gruffalo* from 2009 (a present from his Aunty Clare) and was instantly and similarly entranced. Sat on his comfy chair with a soft toy or two for company, he'll not move nor speak for the entire thing, save to point and exclaim excitedly a few times "ow ice cream" or "guffalo crumble" at the appropriate times (and that won't make sense unless you know the poem, sorry). The movie's short, just under 30 minutes, but you know what occurred to me this morning? That's time I could use my friend!

Call me a bad mother, tell me there's no good to be learnt from letting our children watch TV and movies and I'll tell you to stop talking nonsense. I could link you to many a worthwhile and fully educational movie or TV programme if I could be arsed to go Google. And you know it. So shush your mouth. This post has enough links as it is.

This morning The Gruffalo enabled me to have a 30 minute, luxurious shower in complete and total peace. Whilst my little chap sat very happily with his fluffy dog and his 'wabbit'.

How many times a day do you think I could use it? I'd get shed loads done if I put it on a loop ...

I'm KIDDING! Jeez, humour people.

* The Gruffalo Pics from the movie by these guys. I highly recommend it, beautifully animated - reminded me of Where the Wild Things Are. Great British cast too, Helena Bonham Carter, James Corden, Tom Wilkinson, John Hurt and Rob Brydon. You can buy it on good ol' Amazon.


  1. Glad it's enjoyed, and Aunty CRAAARE loves it too!

    1. Ah, Aunty CRAAARE herself! I'll have to send you a pic of him watching it, his face is awesome.


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