Friday, 3 February 2012

Valentine Lovelies

I should Pinterest, I really should. But then I barely find the time to Facebook and blog, don't find the time to tweet as anyone who's ever looked me up on Twitter will know - when would I Pinterest? Too many options, too many options ....

Anyhoo, here's some lovely Valentine decs, as masterfully made by my dear friend at the Happy Fat Penguin Shop. Go see, go see!

They come with ribbon attached,
so you can put them on a pressie or a bottle.


I want one ...


  1. If you need a little push towards Pinterest, I like to use it as a visual bookmarking site -- I save recipes I want to make, pin an article I'd like to read, etc. If you don't want hours of your life sucked away towards crafts you may never make and remodeling ideas you'll never use, RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLLLLLLLS!

    1. AAAAAHHH! Does the excuse "I'm saving all those old bottle tops and egg boxes for the kids" fly? Alternatively, I could buy craft items from my friend, who'll make them for me. Pay her double, she'll probably let me pretend I made them myself.


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