Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Syringa's and Secrets

Just a slice of family life today, it's Spring and we've been home working and enjoying the garden. Too friggin' hot!! Can you Adam and Eve it? We've been moaning all winter about the cold and today we were complaining it was too humid and hot. I was mighty jealous of my two little boys and their laundry bucket paddling pool this afternoon, and get me - I used to live in the UK you wouldn't think I'd ever complain about the African sun. My UK family and friends will be grumbling about me right now if they're reading this ....

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Do These Work?

I'm talking about those nifty cell phone masts that look like pine trees. Or are they nifty? I mean, I get the aesthetics - they certainly look prettier from a distance, but is hiding our cell phone masts a good thing to do? Shouldn't we all be aware of where our local one's are? Aren't they supposed to be bad things to be around?

I'm not sure, hang on while I Google and form an internet search based opinion on this.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

So Kids ...

I'm putting some new article pages up; mainly about kids and family life - I have reached that point in my life when I'm at home with two young boys and although I also help my husband run our small business, most of my attention, energy and thoughts are derived from my children. As is most of my laughs! I'm sure that will reflect in my blog. I'm also chucking a Lose Weight article up there, because someone suggested I should ... Go see for embarrassing pics of me in my larger days :)