Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dear Readers (dramatic pause) I AM BACK!

Hello! *waves frantically* Anyone there? Gee, there's cobwebs everywhere and look at the dust...

Not as Excited as Me. *
I've been without a computer (other than my teeny, but awesome phone) since February and you won't believe how excited I am to be sitting in front of my (secondhand) new one now, typing with all of my fingers on an actual real keyboard!! Which makes me sound a bit archaic, I know - I should be blogging from my tab, no? But then I don't have one of those either so you can see why ANYTHING other than typing with my thumbs while squinting at a teeny tiny screen would be welcome.

Who knew I would miss the blogging world so much? Oh ... okay, I knew. Anyone that knows me could have figured it out too but yoh, it feels good to be back!

And after months away, you'd think I'd be bursting with post ideas, have notebooks full of notes and drafts huh? But it surprised me how much it effected me, knowing that I couldn't actually POST anything. I stopped wanting to write anything, went into a writing lull if you will. In fact, when I first sat down this morning I couldn't think what to say at all!