Things That Make Me Smile

Love. My man. My kids, my family and friends. Nothing else comes close ...

Random acts of kindness.

Photography, my camera. The pics I can take ..

Pixar movies. Long may they make.


Outdoors, animals, nature, fresh air, sunshine ... aaaah

Clean sheets.

Little random arty things about the house and garden.
Hotel rooms.

Comedy, jokes, funny stuff :)

The beach, the sea. Toes in the ocean.

Music ... la la la ... grooves and tunes, you can't beat the way music can move us.

Strawberries and cream. Cakes. Biscuits. Choc. Sugar, let's be honest. LOVE baking.
Earl Grey Tea. With above mentioned cake ... yum

Walking barefoot.

Travelling, experiencing, trying new.

Making things, even building lego houses with my four year old.

Living abroad. Especially in a hot country. I feel sooo lucky every day as I slip on my flip flops (slops) that I can slip on my flip flops every day.

Fridge magnets. And stickers. Totally re-living parts of my childhood with my kids!

The Jelly affect. Coloured glass, especially when the sun shines through it. Currently working on a Princess and the Frog style tree hanging thingy made out of old bottles. I have the old bottles, now I just need some glass paint and a step ladder ...

Bric-a-Brac, Antiques, Second Hand. I love finding something pretty amongst a pile of old dusty stuff.

Randomness! I don't like uniform or conforming. I don't even like using sets of crockery, I like all my plates and mugs to be different. I have a pot near my kettle with teaspoons in and they're all different, I pick them up in second hand stores.