Bloggers Who Read My Blog

You know I have to be honest (I just blush and look uncomfortable if I try and be any other way) I TOTALLY STOLE this idea from the awesome Reluctant Mom's blog.

So let me start by saying what a very clever and lovely idea OF HERS it is.

Here's how it works for YOU.

When fellow bloggers comment regularly on my posts I will add a link to their site here on this page. Okay, 'regularly' sounds a bit vague - let's say if you've commented on five or more posts.

Don't be scared, it might sound like I'm trying to con you into something but really I just want to get to know my readers and their blogs more and give them an extra SHOUT OUT for being so supportive at the same time. I also hope it encourages more comments. Yay! I want more comments, you want more comments, we all want more comments .. ahem.

Trying to become a grown up before my kid does.
HEIDI! She's just, put simply, a lovely girl. Warm, generous, funny, intelligent. She's one of life's warriors too, fighting against the odds at times and always inspirational. A little bit cheeky too if you follow her on twitter so don't say I didn't warn you.

Ah Misty. An enigma. Actually she's not, she's very open and honest but you only ever get to see her feet so one can't help but wonder at her bewitching beauty ... She's a Mum, a lawyer, dagnammit. Smarty pants? Sure, but she's got a heart of gold, a cracking sense of humour AND she gives cool prizes. She's the same star sign as me also. Not sure that's relevant.

Valerie Nunez and The Flying Platypi
Is that one of the best Blog names ever, or what? Possibly unbeknown to Valerie, I've been stalking her blog for quite some time. Sadly for me, hers is one of those sites that my phone doesn't seem to like (stupid dumb phone) so she hears from me much less often than I would like. Doesn't stop her regularly commenting on here though, bless her cotton socks. She's another funny blogger, a blog you go to if you're feeling down and need a guaranteed uplift. Here's some interesting self-proclaimed facts about Valerie, all I'm sure which will draw you immediately to her blog: She considers herself a bit crazy. She likes mannequins and licking things (sometimes those two come together) and SHE my friends is THAT chick. The one at the end of the horror movie/zombie apocalypse that SURVIVES. Oh yeah. So get to know. She's good to know.

A new blogger friend. Scarlett may not have intentionally sold her blog to me, but here's how she did it. She's English. She's honest in a says-all-the-things-you-wish-you-could way. And she makes me laugh. I lose my mouthful of tea to her often, but that's a good thing. As an added, and very beautiful, bonus - she loves and decorates her every post with 1940's Pin Up Art. I'm a BIG fan of Gil Elfgren and Art Frahm myself, so just visiting her blog is a pure treat to the eyes for me.

Then it all turns to shit. Ha! That makes me laugh every time I visit this blog.
Steph is currently a SAHM Dallas housewife. She loves her family life. She strives (as we all do) to be the best Mum she can be and she also loves to bake and sometimes crafts. BUT WAIT!! What's this? She's also an IT Executive? An intelligent, feisty, independent and very capable woman who believes in true equality? I just love her, I really do.

One of the main reasons to love Kat is her generous nature. Just the fact that she appears here on this page, successful, busy and manic as she is, is testament to the girls amazing ability to make time. Kat's the one who posted me a goddam T-Shirt FFS. AND I still haven't thanked her properly. She's a fellow Indie Chick, true Baddass and a PROPER working writer. Well crafted and pretty friggin hysterical.

As her blog name would suggest, Vicki's a funny, funny lass. And you probably WILL get laugh lines if you read her regularly. She could do stand up really, she has such a professional way of writing her funny day-to-day life tales. If that wasn't enough in itself, Vicki's also a very lovely person and a truly supportive blogger and friend. Read her blog, comment on her posts and before you know it she'll be sharing and retweeting you all over the place. Thanks Vicki!

MONICAAAA!! (why do I do that?). I'm finding it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is I love so about Monica and her blog, there is so much to love. She's the kind of girl that always makes you feel at home, one of the gang. She's just so darned funny and cool, she has no pretences (LOVE that) and HECK she's had some upheaval and upset to deal with in her life. Never stops her laughing though, or looking forward. Suffice to say, if Monica lived in SA I'm sure we'd be friends. She might not feel the same way, but I am certain. Sorry Monica, you'd have no choice in the matter. Consider yourself stalked.

If you read my blog, then you surely already know of my best friend Kate. My bessie mate, then you must know that she is an awesome chick. But best friend aside for a minute, she is just someone who simply must always write. She IS that good at it. Published now FFS! I pushed encouraged her to start a blog, because I wanted to read more than just our correspondences to each other. Totally selfish reasons huh? One day I hope the world will thank me for it. Actually, if Kate just enjoys it and I get to read more of her writing that's enough for me :)

Boo's another new found Blogger to me, and I have to be honest - I know very little of her as yet, other than she's friendly enough to be commenting on my blog regularly (Hi Boo!). She doesn't blog that often, but when she does it's always short and oh-so-sweet. She doesn't have an 'About Me' page where you can stalk her, her profile reads as follows; "All I ever wanted in life was to make a difference, be worshipped like a goddess, travel the globe, conquer the universe, make my own rules, meet interesting people, find the missing link, fight the good fight, live for the moment, seize each day, make a fortune, vanquish the dragon, be super popular but too cool to care, be master of my own fate, embrace my destiny, feel as much as I can, give too much, love everything, have faith, put family first because I'm lucky and privileged." Cool huh? :) Go check her out.

NICKI!! (there I go again). Serious face now, because Nicki's another proper working writer and published poet. She's a foodie too, who loves to cook and she's a fellow photography buff, which draws me to her as much as the brilliant photos she displays on her blog. Her writing will make you instantly feel like you're reading a letter from your best friend and she has a cracking sense of humour, so hold on to your tea once again. Oo, and she likes HORROR MOVIES and ZOMBIES!! So Hubs and I have already planned a Horror Movie Double Date Night with Nicki and her man. Obviously. Stalk much? Moi?

Go, comment away dear reader. Much space for YOU right here :)

Think you should be on here? Drop me a comment below, put it down to my sheer laziness busy schedule and accept my humble apologies. I'll put it right!