Saturday, 29 December 2012

Interesting Facts: Well I Never ... No. 7

Three Cool, Useful or Otherwise Interesting Things I Didn't Know a Month (or so ...) Ago.

1. You Can Edit the Display Name When You Tag Folks on Facebook

You know how Facebook added fairly recently the ability to tag folk in your status and comments? So that the person you're talking about gets a notification that you are. Talking about them that is. Well, I found out entirely by accident the other day that you can alter the name as it's displayed once you've added the link. Normally you start typing your mates name and then a suggested list comes up ("did you mean Aunty Maggie? or Annie May?"), you click on the one you want and the full name appears in your text. It can be amusing, leaving the full name in at times. I always feel like I'm addressing somebody as a Mum does when she's cross, using the full and even a middle name sometimes. "LOUISA JANE FISHER, GET DOWN THESE STAIRS!!!" kind of thing. If you'd rather address people on Facebook by first name only, put your cursor at the end of the link and Backspace to delete the surname. Ta da! Or go to the front of the link and press delete to lose the first name or names. Useful I suppose if you want to add a title and refer to someone very formally (Mr/Mrs/Sir/Lord/Her Majesty) or to add a nickname or family title, like 'Aunty' or 'Uncle'. Or, er "Bunnykins' or something.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Toy Review: Anything Broken Already?

My Boys Tallen (5) and Nate (2) were very lucky boys this year. They deserved to be spoilt a bit it has to be said, they haven't always been. But Hubby and I's Playground Business grew from strength to strength last year and thankfully looks like it will continue to do so.

It was great on Christmas Eve, wrapping done, to look at the pile of pressies under the tree and little bits still to be stuffed in stockings and imagine the whoops and smiles and cries of "Look what I Got!!" after years of struggling to get them anything much at all some years.

And I was so amazed that as of today, some two whole days later, most of their new toys are intact. Well, we are missing a few accessory type teeny things, but all in all the new batch of toys are doing well against the onslaught of two small but surprisingly destructive little fellas.

I thought I'd give you my review of their (er, and my) top favourites. You know, in case you have a Birthday coming up or something. And you have any money left after Christmas!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas: Time for a Reshuffle. And Some Silly Pics

First things first. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Sorry, it's gone 10 p.m. here on Boxing Day night so I'm a leeetle late with my Christmas post. How was yours?

I do hope filled with fun and overeating and joy and peace and all that.

I was woken up at just after 5 a.m. on the day and one of the first thoughts that occurred to me, after I'd told Tallen with croaky morning voice and through half-open eyes how AWESOME I thought his stocking presents were, was "Hooray, I can start me a blog post before everyone else wakes up" That's okay, right?

I've been remiss of late. My posts have got fewer and fewer each month, the content has been (in my opinion) weaker and it's showing, in my mind, on my blog that I'm just too FREAKIN' BUSY HALF ALL THE TIME!!

Just the fact that that is as far as I got with this post yesterday, which I now continue on Boxing Day evening, pees me right off.

I don't like it, and I hereby declare/promise/swear on my life that things are going to be better in 2013. I shall focus. And I shall write more.

In my feeble attempt at a belated Christmas present to you all, here's a round up of news followed by some funny and cool Christmas pics. I know, I know. It's been done before on a Christmas post ...

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Being a Parent is Tough: But Today I'm Having Fun!

** SPECIAL NOTE: I wrote this post months ago, wanted to post it over the weekend and then the completely mind numbingly atrocious shootings in Connecticut happened and like a lot of us, I didn't feel like being online or posting (or tweeting) much.

Today feels right, and with much love to all who were affected I give you:

Being a Parent is Tough, But Today I'm having Fun!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Photo Diary Time: Rhinos and Mini Gardens

I'm in a weird mood tonight - you ever get that? Something hormonal no doubt, makes me feel that for inexplicable reasons, I probably shouldn't operate heavy machinery, drive or make big, life altering decisions. In fact, any decisions.

Good time for a Photo post methinks!

So here it is, the pic-laden post that I promised and one I feel I owe to my blog as I haven't uploaded any photos from my camera or phone in ... ooo, months now.

Want to see *blink blink* with your EYES what we've been up to lately? ...