Wednesday, 24 July 2013

5 Easy Tips for Healthy Eating

Easy Healthy Eating
Photo Credit I just added the purple :)
Can there possibly be only 5 Easy Tips for Healthy Eating?? Read on if you're interested dear friend, read on.

Have you read my page, How To Lose Weight For Keeps For Real? It's okay, if you haven't don't feel remotely obliged (no, really) to go rush there now but if you have read it then you know already that I was once a rather LARGE lady who managed over time to become a much SMALLER lady, and you'll know how I did it.

But guess what? Some weight's crept back on in the last 9 months or so as my **NEW** eating habits slip and some of my old and bad eating habits sneak back in. Sneaky buggers those bad old eating habits. I don't remember telling them they could come back.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Caring and Sharing Social Media: And a Brand New Page

Totally unnecessary pic
Do you know (leaping right in) as I sit here at my desk at home, ignoring the chores that should really be done all around me, you'll find me in a jovial mood.

Possibly has something to do with the six squares of Dairy Milk I just found in my desk drawer and devoured. Who knows?

Either way I find myself with both time and internet (you don't know how rare that is) to bang a little post out, so to speak and I've been meaning to do just that for quite a while.