About Me


I'm a Brit living in Joburg with my South African partner (known as hubby) and our two sons, aged 4 and 2. I'm 41 and just started blogging, yay me.

I love living in SA, miss my family and friends in the UK MASSIVELY and I would be lost without social networking for regular contact so I started the blog for that reason, but have since re-found my love of writing and now nobody can shut me up.

Hubby and I run Yippy Toys together but most of my time and devotion is currently taken by my boys. I can hear the 4 year old calling now ... "mumeeeee! My brother's trying to climb the wall". Little Tyke.

I'm just having fun really, all that nonsense that normally stays in my head can now have an outlet ..

About Me pages can be a bit boooring, here's some things not many people know about me, so you feel like you've stumbled on something special. Like hidden treasure, oooo.

1. I can't drive. I'm learning this year.

2. I'm a vegetarian who hasn't eaten meat in over twenty years, but I love Bovril on my toast and the smell of bacon cooking.

3. Sometimes, I pick my nose. And pee in the shower. Yuk, ey?

4. I didn't commit to anyone, or live with anyone until I met Hubby at 36. I waited, he found me. Must have lost his map to my house was all.

5. Unless I'm going somewhere special, I don't really 'do' make up. Bit of bronzer, shades ... out the door.

6. My name is Louisa Fisher. Spell that phonetically, you get Loo-weeza Fish-er. Lose the 'Loo' at the beginning, the 'Er' at the end and you have ... (drumroll) WeezaFish!

7. I have a nose piercing, I like to wear a plain silver stud in it.

8. I, totally unintentionally, gave birth to both our children without any pain relief. I delivered our first son, Tallen, at home on my own while waiting for Hubby, the ambulance and midwife to arrive. And our second son, Nate, was almost born in the car on the way to hospital. I know, wasn't the intention, just how they panned out - my boys were quick. Damn though, I was gutted I missed that gas and air.

9. I once put a girls gym bag down the toilet at Primary School. We were in the changing rooms after sports and as she came out of the cubicle, I noticed her skirt was tucked into her knickers at the back. She was about to walk out in front of the whole school, can you imagine? So I told her quick, save her the life scarring episode, and she turned on me. Accused ME of tucking it in there (Er, hello?) and then got me in loads of trouble with the Head, who believed her!!! Next time I was alone in the changing rooms, splash! Snicker.

10. I snore. Louder than Hubby.

Okay. I should probably go check that whole wall climbing thing now ...