Wednesday, 30 January 2013

If Men and Women are Equal: Let Young Hearts Run Free

This post (right here) that I sit down to write, is inspired by others. I've read many posts recently that seem to ponder on the same subject, namely - what is the best way to have a happy and successful modern day loving relationship.

Clearly Made for Each Other
And I add the phrase 'Modern Day' because that seems to be part of the issue of confusion, that we feel that to evolve and better we must always change.

So where is the Loving Relationship now, in 2013?

I have read posts recently on Polygamy and Polyamory (former meaning married to many, latter meaning loving many) and Cheating being on the rise and even accepted and I have been intrigued by some of the comments and opinions.

(All darned good posts too btw if you have the time to read, by writers I know and love).

Especially intrigued, as I live in Africa where Polygamy is considered an outdated, sexist tradition currently being fought against by many African women.

Our President has five wives and at last count, twenty one children FFS!

Despite this, it would seem there is a growing thought elsewhere in the world that as we struggle so at times with fidelity and not wanting others outside of our relationships, we should consider the possibility that humans were not meant to mate for life.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to School: Ready or Not

Don't tell anyone, but speaking as a Mum of young boys, I'm not quite ready for 'Back to School'.

Anyone else with me? No? All you Mums out there over excited at the thought of getting your days back? Eagerly pushing your little bearers of over laden back-packs out the door? Uhuh.

back to school
I've packed their bags. Written their names on the labels of their new clothes and rinsed out their drinking bottles, which have been lingering in the back of a kitchen cupboard all Summer.

Our boys Pre school opens on Wednesday and it's my youngest boy Nate's first day. I am thus far definitely finding it harder than him. In fact, harder than when his older brother Tallen started and much harder than I thought it would be also.