Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Well I Never ... No. 6

Three Cool, Useful or Otherwise Interesting Things I Didn't Know a Month (or so ...) Ago.


1. Vinegar can cure hiccoughs. 


I know this one to be true, not sure if it's one of those things that only works for some people and I've never tried it on the kids, although I don't see why ..

Anyhoo, when I get hiccoughs, I drop a teaspoon of vinegar down the back of my throat and swallow. Hiccoughs gone. Honest!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Back to Normal & Bye Bye Aunty Laura

Whatever the heck normal is, I think I may have forgotten.

Just after my sisters visit, like literally the morning after she departed, I was struck down with a very nasty Stomach Flu.

I ached from head to toe, my sinuses blocked so severly my head pounded all day and all night and for six or seven days I couldn't eat, move without hurting or do much of anything at all really.

I am better. Far from recovered as yet, but better.

I'm left with a nasty cough, very tense and sore stomach muscles (all that coughing) and I haven't got my appetite back yet. Which, for anyone who knows me and my love of food, is totally out of character. I'm having to tell myself every day to eat.

Oh, and the strong sinus meds I'm taking kind of ... well, trip me out!

It could be fun, Hubby says I should enjoy the trips, and they are kind of fun. I feel spaced out and a little fuzzy, prone to giggles and unnecessary grinning.

Hard to work though, I'm a bit worried I may do something silly in my 'airy fairy' head.

I decided to post instead, a wacky little post I can look back on later and laugh at! Good idea? Maybe not, but here goes anyway ....

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Reading, Writing and Visitors from Overseas

Gee whiz it's been busy in our lives of late. And that busy-ness (not business) combined with my usual limited internet issues leaves not much space for blogworld. And I love Blogworld!

I know, it's not really a 'world' as such, just not sure how else to explain it. I love blogging, I love the blogs I read and the folks that write them. What would you call it? Blogworld ...?
I have SO much reading to do. And it's not like when you were at school, with a pile of reading to do that you're not that interested in. I have SO much reading to do written by people who's writing I love man. So it's more like that feeling you get when you're into a good book, and can't find the time to sit down with it.

I need to buy myself some serious MB's, make myself a big mug of tea and find the time to sit down and read, read, read. I can't wait!

It will have to wait for now though ...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Real Love, not Perfect Love

I don't know about 'most folk' (whoever the heck they are ...) but my life's experiences of love and relationships, thus far, hasn't exactly been text book.

But then, there isn't a text book hey? I guess that's the point. But like a lot of young teenage girls all I knew about love at a young age was romantic fairy tales and rescued princesses. Real life can hit a bit hard after that.

If I ever have a daughter I will try and teach her to be strong, independent and in control of her life and body. I'll also tell her to expect to kiss a lot of frogs, maybe even marry one or two, before she finds her Prince. Nay, King. And when she finds him, don't expect a Perfect Love. Instead, look for a real love. Keeping it REAL people.

I remember my first experiences from the age of about 12 or 13, lots of snogging competitions (who can go on the longest without coming up for air) and all the usual teen exploratory stuff but I didn't even consider a relationship or anything like one until I was well into my thirties. I held on to my virginity until I was 18 and my solemn belief in 'true love' gave me an inner strength to hang on in there for the real thing.

And hang on I did.