I Wish I Knew Then ....

1. Parenting is the hardest job in the world. I thank you, my parents, from the bottom of my heart and humbly apologise for all my crap. Have kids now, I get it!

2. Our limits limit us. Live free, follow your heart.

3. Have a go. I missed out on so many things when I was young down to a lack of confidence. Just have a go and see what happens! Grab opportunities and try out as much as you can.

4. Be yourself. Be independant. No sheep behaviour. Be YOU, whoever that is, and don't give a FLYING MONKEY what ANYBODY else thinks.

5. Find your thing. Success and happiness come together when you find that thing in life you enjoy, and then find a way of making money doing it.

6. When you walk into a crowded room, don't worry what anybody thinks of you. What do you want to know about them?

7. Okay, so Freud believed that some narcissism is an essential part of all of us but it can be so debilitating if turned against yourself. Look around you, we're all imperfect animals of the human race. All our lives are filled with hills and mountains to climb, the successful one's just keep going is all. Not one of us is better than any other, and your mates house looks cleaner and tidier than yours because you're visiting. She was up all night doing housework and hiding her dirty laundry pile in the shed.

8. Look after yourself. Life's for living, but make it a long life. 40 seems old when you're in your 20's ... but when your 40 you'll still feel young so whilst you're enjoying your youth and partying your pants off - eat well, exercise, don't smoke, moisturise, wear a bra most days (that last one not entirely necessary for the boys).

9. Men and woman are (shock horror) DIFFERENT. Don't assume or expect. Explain, listen ..

10. Travel. Go places, meet people. Have experiences, broaden your mind, it can take as much as you can fill it with and it's meant to take more than we give it.

11. Lefty Loosey ... righty tighty ... :)

12. Beauty tips! Learnt from a combination of experience, trial and error and actually listening to my Mum. SHAVING LEGS: Point your toe when you do the front and flatten your foot when you do the side and back.
HAIR: Shampoo is meant for the roots, conditioner for the length so when you wash, only work shampoo into your roots, don't worry about lathering up the rest of your hair just give your scalp a good massage. Rinse off, and then conditioner on the length of your hair only - don't put it on your scalp. Conditioner will clog the pores on your scalp and leaves a scummy residue.
HARD SKIN ON YOUR FEET?!: At the end of your shower or bath, any hard skin on your feet will have softened so now's the time to attack it, and a razor works best. Yes, a normal disposable razor (keep a separate one just for the job). Gently shave away the now softened skin, once you can feel a tickle from the razor then you know you've got through the hardened stuff so just be careful not to cut yourself and afterwards, soft feet again.

Any more???