Thursday, 27 September 2012

Moving House is Stressful? Nah, Not The Weezafish Way!

I should have a Sub Heading "and Other Goings On" or something, this post is about all sorts really. 

It's all go in our lives, as mentioned in a previous post, two Birthdays and fifty cupcakes are just out of the way.
Well, we did find a tupperware with six cupcakes in it in the car on Sunday, one box that obviously didn't make it to school on Friday. There's still a few scraps of Toy Story wrapping paper lying around the place too and I think I saw a Birthday cake candle in the cats bowl just now.

But as we catch our breath, we're onto the next. Our lives are very busy and full right now and for a change we're loving all we're doing so we don't actually mind being busy at all! How cool crazy looney tunes is that?

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Best Kids Movies: According to My Two Year Old

I love movies, Hubby loves movies. I see the sense in not letting your kids watch movies all day long. I see the sense in not letting your kids do anything all day long to be honest, but I don’t see the sense in not letting them have their own movies, age appropriate, that they love to watch.

My two year old Nate, like most two year olds, is fickle and quick to change his likes and dislikes. By next month, things will be different but RIGHT NOW, these are his Top Five Kids Movies (from our aging home collection), based on how often he asks for them when it’s his turn to choose at movie time and probably has a lot to do with bright colours and funny little characters. He is only two.

I’ve listed the movie names in ‘Toddler Speak’ as Nate himself asks for them. Translations, when needed, in brackets.

In reverse order, naturally.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Two Birthdays, Two Links and Fifty Cup Cakes

Of the three men in my immediate family (Hubby and sons), two of them have Birthdays this month within three days of each other.

We are just a little bit Birthday crazy in the house right now and excitement is reaching levels usually reserved for Christmas Eve.

Eldest son, Tallen, will be turning five on Friday. In the UK this is the age kids start Primary School so it's a real milestone age to me, big boy now. Bless him, always my baby. And I say that in a balanced, non-smothering kind of way. 
Special mention at this stage of preparations must go to Tallens Aunty, who baked more than FIFTY chocolate cupcakes for his party at school. She's also helping me organise Hubbys Birthday surprise belatedly for next weekend ... sshhh he might be reading. I'll tell you later.

Despite the Birthday mayhem (you ever tried to hide fifty cupcakes from a five year old?) and as promised, I hereby go links crazy on your fine arses (see how British I am? Arrr-ses) and beg hope that you follow one or both for one of my latest Writes Elsewhere.

Before you roll your eyes, later this afternoon I'm also posting The Best Kids Movies Evvveeerrrr movies reviews, as chosen by two year old Nate. Although I may shorten the title so Google likes me more.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Writing on Other Sites: I've Been Moonlighting Again

Do you remember Moonlighting, that 80's TV show with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd? The title of this post just got me reminiscing, I was a big fan. Oh yeah.
They were Detectives, in case that isn't apparent from the picture.

And I digress.

See how I write? Just a constant babble really. A flow directly from my brain to the keyboard to my blog.

Hardly surpising then that I find I have 'excess thoughts' that end up on my PC without a home to go to. I mean, if I posted on WeezaFish as many times as I thought about posting on WeezaFish, well. Let's just say it would be hard to keep up. And you'd probably get bored or something.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cats and Dogs and Hair EVERYWHERE!

At the risk of doing a bit of a boring post about pets, I'm going to do exactly that!

I hereby promise that my next post will be cool and edgy. And not about pets.

Remember the two cats we stumbled across in our back garden rescued, Black and Jetta? Now fully grown big boy cats both doing well and both very much at home with us now.

Jetta and his new 'brother'.
They also have a friend. We haven’t named him yet because we didn’t officially adopt him. He just joins them at every meal and eats whatever they leave him after they’ve done. Which wasn’t much, so we got him his own bowl … and suddenly we have three cats!

It seems a bit odd to us that there would be so many cats in need of a home and a good feeding in our area, we're wondering if this new cat is in fact a brother, from the original litter we rescued. His colouring's different to Black and Jettas, but very similar to their Mums.

And me not really a cat person. How did I end up with a 7kg bag of ‘Catmor’ in my kitchen cupboard FFS?!