Monday, 19 November 2012

Huge Jungle Gyms: New House: Random Blah, Blah

Honestly? I'm sat here at 7:15 a.m. on a Sunday morning, partially distracted by the fact that I currently share the computer screen. I have the bottom half for writing and my freshly awakened boys, Tallen and Nate, have the top of the screen for viewing 'Ice Age 3'.

Hubby's having a much deserved lie in, everybody's happy. And you'll note I make sure to include myself in that happiness, oh yeah.

Point being, I sit here keen and eager like a beaver to write a post, the computer's just returned home after nearly three weeks away so you can imagine my excitement BUT just like a kid who's running off to play in the garden without suncreen or shoes on .... I'm underprepared.

As has more recently been the case with me, I sit here with no idea what I'm writing a post about. My High School English Teacher would be tutting at me.

WTF expect a random post then, let us just enjoy the fact that a NEW post is up! Ha Ha! Go on, laugh with me. Let's just wing it. It'll be fun.