Wednesday, 21 August 2013

8 Cool Facebook Pages: Facebook's Still Cool, Right?

If you use Twitter or have any friends or family members under the age of 25 then you'll have probably heard the theory that Facebook is just, well ... not cool anymore.

I'm 42, which means I no longer get a say on what's cool of course.

Ha ha ha yeah right.

But I beg to differ and give you the following Facebook pages that are all cool to Like. Well, I think so anyway.

Note: A lot of them come from websites originally and I'm not including my Blogging friends in this list, mainly because there's so many good ones out there that they deserve a shout out of their own some day.

I Fucking Love Science: A page started by people who just, well ... fucking love science!

And not just science, they clearly love nature and the whole damn wonderful world we live in too.

If you're not sure if you love Science or not, like this page for a bit and you might find you change your mind.

And while I'm recommending pages who love the world, have you checked out This Amazing World of Ours? It is just such a positive place to be!

Nature and humanitarianism but not in a cheesy, OMG-is-that-another-cute-cat-picture-with-an-inspirational-quote-on-it kind of way.

Trust me.

If you want a constant flow of posts on your Facebook that make you go "OMFG, look at THIS!" before you thrust your phone screen in front of anybody who's with you, then Random Shit I Find Funny, Interesting and/or Inspiring is the place for you. At least a dozen times a day I'm liking, sharing and thrusting into the face of others posts from this page. They are definitely one of my favourites.

One of my new favourites is Batshit Crazy Exes (I Know, who comes up with these names?) and fear not, Batshit may sound crazy and about exes, but they are in fact just a very humourous and inspirational type of Facebook page.

More for the girls than the boys though ...

Need more laughs? I would recommend I'm Not Right in The Head for a few good ones. 

They specialise in finding the people/actions/things that are not quite ... right in the head.

If, like me, you love design and invention then you'll love the I Love Creative Designs and Unusual Ideas Facebook page.
Creative designs in all kinds of fields; products, buildings as well as cool ideas and new inventions and findings. And this morning they posted a photo of a dog leading a line of orphaned ducklings. I mean, how can you live another day without seeing stuff like that on your page?

Like making things? Crafting? Saving money by making it yourself because someone showed you how? Here's the page that will show you how. And don't get put off by the page title; DIY - It's Easier than you Think. Because I have liked this page for some time now and I'm yet to find a single post that relates to plastering or wallpapering. Oh no. THIS page would rather show you how to; make your own non-toxic kids paint, turn boring flip flops into beautiful sandals, clean silver with baking powder, turn old cutelry into coat hooks, fill a bucket from a small sink, fold a fitted sheet and make a lovely frock out of one of your mans old T-shirts. And that's just today!!!

And failing to entice you with any of the above? Just Like the Minions Fans page for a daily dose of Minions.

What more do you need on your Facebook?

I'm always keen to like a new page that'll add something cool or funny to my Newsfeed, so let me know in the comments if I'm missing any good ones. Please?