Thursday, 12 November 2020

The Witch is Dead (and Other Good News)

Ding dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked old witch.

No more Trump guys! Okay, he's not a witch but the feeling's the same. From a satire piece I read the other day, I like to imagine that come January, he will disappear in a cloud of cheeto dust. And it feels so good. As a Brit, I can only be pleased that our own right wing leaning Prime Minister has lost his mate. Let us hope our next election garners us a similar result.

Just a few other things going on ... worldwide pandemic ... climate change ... the Conservative UK Government still brexit-ing and everywhere it seems the right wing and intolerant (not to mention Qanon scary conspiracy nuts) are rearing their ugly heads against global calls for tolerance and equality.

One of those moments in life when you definitely want the world to stop so you can jump off for a bit. Hit pause; have a moment to catch your breath. Or catch up on some sleep in my case.

How's lock down going for you? We've just entered our second one in the U.K., due to end at the beginning of next month so we can all go Christmas shopping and help the economy. Have you got used to restrictions yet? Isn't it ... so different, so odd? All generations who came after the World Wars and have the pleasure of living within a democratic society; it's such a new and unprecedented thing just to be instructed by your Government, to not have free will.

Good news about the vaccine though, hoorah. We had a headline here this week; "Vaccine Means Life Could Return to Normal by Spring" according to one of our Scientific Government Advisors. Uplifting stuff huh? Most definitely one of my favorite headlines of 2020. The possibility of life being back to normal next Spring, my gosh. Yes please.

Just to be able to get out and do things, see friends and family. The inkling of a possibility that we may be able to visit outside our bubbles over Christmas? We'll see.

For now, we're in a second wave. Rising cases every day and just yesterday the highest daily number of deaths since June. Kids and I have got this though, staying at home as much as possible, masks and handwashing .. all habit for now. We're hanging on in there. Stay safe, Spring and all the optimism, joy and new life it stands for is coming. Woop de fucking do!

My life this year has dramatically changed. I've felt stuck and unable to change anything for a long time and am absolutely frikkin definitely looking forward to 2021 being all about going out and running free. In my head I'll be all "you better get this party started" but in reality it will probably look more like ...

Back soon.
Much love