Thursday, 27 September 2012

Moving House is Stressful? Nah, Not The Weezafish Way!

I should have a Sub Heading "and Other Goings On" or something, this post is about all sorts really. 

It's all go in our lives, as mentioned in a previous post, two Birthdays and fifty cupcakes are just out of the way.
Well, we did find a tupperware with six cupcakes in it in the car on Sunday, one box that obviously didn't make it to school on Friday. There's still a few scraps of Toy Story wrapping paper lying around the place too and I think I saw a Birthday cake candle in the cats bowl just now.

But as we catch our breath, we're onto the next. Our lives are very busy and full right now and for a change we're loving all we're doing so we don't actually mind being busy at all! How cool crazy looney tunes is that?

These are Elephants, but you see where we're going.
Hubby and I's Playground business, Yippy, has two new Products coming out so Hubby's extra busy designing and building prototypes and I'm extra busy marketing. 

One of them, The Tyre Rhino, is being sold in aid of Rhino SA, a charity raising funds to help save our rhinos but also dedicated to visiting schools and educating our youth on why saving them is so FRIGGIN’ IMPORTANT!!!! Sorry, ahem. And off your box Weeza.

We love what we're going to be doing with them, but we've never collaborated in this way before so there's a bit more work involved in this product than normal.
And we're moving house this weekend! Yes, I said this weekend. On Sunday. IN THREE DAYS TIME!! I’m shouting because I haven’t packed much anything yet.

We hadn't really planned on it as such, we always thought when we moved to Joburg we'd stay where we were until we were ready to buy which is a year or two away, but our landlady had other ideas. 

Without wanting to diss someone in detail on my blog, our current Landlady is a little batty to say the least. She seems permanently skint and totally unaware of her duties as a Landlady or the SA laws which relate. In the year and a half since we've been here, she's promised us (but done nothing);

1. She would like to redecorate and rewire the entire house. It dearly needs it, but we subsequently took on the decorating work ourselves and have lived for a year and a half with extension leads all over the place.
2. She would like to take me 'shopping" (and I imagine I would be paying) for a new oven. She sees me stood over a lovely antique Aga apparently. Problem is, by SA law she should have provided us with an oven in the house when we moved in but despite her shopping trip promises, she still hasn't.
2. She'd like to install a bath in our bedroom. We currently only have a shower, but in our BEDROOM?! Really?!
3. She'd like to add a top storey to our house, entirely made of glass "imagine the views!". Ya, I can imagine, uhuh. YOU HAVE NO MONEY WOMAN! OR MARBLES LEFT!

Something Like This Perhaps???
Still we were okay with our Batty Landlady as this was just our stop gap, hell we could even find a funny side to her overblown dreams of much grandeur. But then we were robbed a few months ago and truth be known, if the security at the Ranch where we stay was better, we wouldn't have been.

We were struggling feeling safe and homely in our own home after that and then the final straw came when our little dog Pixie, newly taken into our family fold, went missing a week ago last Saturday.

We have no idea how she got out, but she's so very small so she would have found a hole in our fence somewhere and our guess was she'd either got lost, found herself in trouble and was injured or killed or had been picked up by someone.

She was missing for almost exactly 48 hours and those two days were terrible, it almost felt as if one of our children was out there somewhere lost and we searched and searched all over the very sizeable Ranch, Hubby with one of the kids torches after dark, as well as in the nearby neighbourhoods until we couldn't think of anywhere else to look. (Mental note, buy Hubby a big f*@k off torch for Christmas). She hadn't been handed in to the local Dogs Home, nobody nearby had seen her wandering.

And then, Monday afternoon (which was a public holiday in SA so we were all home) I’m in the kitchen and Hubby calls, all nonchalant “Weezy, come see this” and I walk into the lounge where he was standing with Pixie in his arms.

I almost fell over I swear. I immediately burst into happy tears (weird those ones) and took Pixie for a big cuddle. The boys were over the moon too as you can imagine, everybody wanted to cuddle Pixie but Pixie bless her just wanted to sleep.

So we left her, on her cushion snoozing most of the afternoon and evening just so happy she was home and happy she wasn’t injured or harmed in any way.

Tuesday morning, she woke up full of the joys and back to her old self. We’ll never know where she went, or what happened to her, we’re just SO amazed and so pleased she found her way home. And just before we are due to move house too! (Which has a good and solid fence, in case you have concerns).

Ah yes, I’ve digressed as I do. Back to the batty landlady. So, we decided to start looking for a new home. And, literally the first place we saw details on and then went to view was PERFECT for us. In size, in location, in style. And it was available immediately, it felt fated it was timed so right. So we just went for it! Sometimes you have to huh?

All's good though, I'm a quick and efficient packer. I take it room by room, cupboard by cupboard. Box, paper to wrap valuables and bin bag to hand. Take something out, do we need it? Yes, in the box - no, in the bin bag. Box full, tape it up and then mark it with the room it came from in big letters. On to the next.

I am Queen of where-things-are in my castle, so it really is up to me what we keep and what I pack, neither Hubby or boys have an idea really of what we have in our house if it isn't on display or otherwise in their eyeline!

Much more organised than mine will be.

The boys are helping pack their rooms, they have a box each for their toys and a bag for their Teddies and clothes.

We have our Bakkie and two of our employees to help, we may need two trips but it's only ten minutes down the road so we should be able to do it ourselves. I’ll of course let you know if the Grand Piano gets dropped down the stairs. Just kidding, we don’t have a Grand Piano but you get what I mean.

I'm already looking forward to my favourite part of moving house, opening the boxes at the other end and finding new homes for everything. I know, I'm such a House Wife at times.

I’ll post a load of pics once we’re in and settled; desk and PC is usually the first thing I unpack and set up so it won’t take me long!

Right now I hear the boys squealing “DADDY’S BAAACK!!!” I must go find out how our first Rhino installation went.