Friday, 19 October 2012

New Business Ideas?: Where's Your Head at Woman!

Was that Basement Jaxx? I think it was. Video with monkeys. Whoever it was, I now have that tune as a kind of soundtrack to my blog post. In my head that is.

iPod's do that also, you ever thought this? Give us a kind of soundtrack to our daily lives when we're out walking or public transport-ing somewhere. You can even remove one ear piece when there's need for social interaction or conversation and you'll get a kind of fade out effect in your soundtrack, just like they use in the movies. Cooool.

And there, in the first two paragraphs of this blog post, lies my exact problem. Clear for all to see.

Where TF is my head at?

I'm kinda feeling hyper these days, and I'm not sure exactly why. It coincided with our move to a much nicer and safer home, as well as with my youngest sons lightbulb moment re: not needing nappies anymore. So I've not quite put my finger on the catalyst as yet.

My minds busy, eager and very keen. Sadly, it's also seemingly a bit erratic, confused and finding it hard to focus.

I'm full of new ideas, in all aspects of my life. Hell, I'm not limiting it to me. I have new ideas for Hubby and the kids too and I'm seemingly feeling quite forceful, quite happy to thrust my new plans and ideas at them and all but insist that they try them.

I have two new business ideas. For myself. Businesses I envisage myself setting up and running. Me. Lazy arse mother-of-two who's just learning to run a business with Hubby. And one that is growing and more demanding on my time and energy every day.

I don't know why I feel I'll have the time to do it, but it doesn't seem to stop me making plans to do so. Scribbling ideas and financial plans (in Word and Excel) and scribbling company logo and name ideas (on any piece of paper handy).

I also had a new product idea a while back that I tentatively believe could take the African market by storm. So I contacted somebody recently about making me a prototype!?!! Seriously, I'm the sort of person that thinks about these things but never actually actions them.

What do I do if they call me back in a few months and go "okay, your prototype's ready"? I'll have to market the blimmin thing, go into production and sales. I've not even properly reasearched the market yet.

Listen to me! What's got into me? If the vibe I'm feeling wasn't so positive and productive, I'd be worried I tell you.

I'm feeling totally free and capable of achieving anything. In each of my little projects, I can clearly see the chain of steps I need to take to achieve them. Seriously dudes, I should set out to achieve something because the frame of mind I'm in, I find it hard to imagine failing.

Problem is, my mind's so busy I can't get my teeth stuck into only one thing. I need to focus on one idea at a time I feel, but I'm finding it hard to ignore any of them and I'm ending up dipping in and out of all my new projects/ideas/WTF-you-crazy?Get-on-with-the-laundry Distractions a bit sporadically.

Add that to the business, kid and Hubby demands and I'm getting frustrated (and very tired) trying to get anything off the ground.

Any suggestions for focus? I've tried only adding the one project on to my To Do list, the others and all pertaining notes were archived 'until later' but it was like trying to archive a box of monkeys. I just couldn't keep a lid on it and found myself babbling ideas and thoughts to Hubby, even last night in the early hours. After one of the kids had woken ME up I get back to bed, nudge Hubby and then start an exuberant conversation with the poor fella about website and design ideas!

Sheesh. He called me an arsehole this morning over coffee and I would have to agree with him.

Yet still, I look at each of my fledgling projects as just that, little fledglings. Things that have to be nutured. I don't like the idea of shelving one for a year or two. It might die!

The answer then? I think I need a partner. I'm thinking of asking my best mate, one of the businesses is definitely up her street and requires a minimum of work from a UK base. She lives in the UK, as does my younger brother who could also be a consideration.

Hmmm. I'm mulling this over in my head just now as I type. See? I can't even focus on finishing my post, without these prospects of mine whirling around up there in my skull.

I think I had better email my proposed new business partners, get them working on some of this stuff with me!

I will, of course, keep you posted ...

P.S. Bessie Mate? Your initial thoughts??!