Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Feeling Broody? Laugh it Off

That's a bit of an odd title hey? Oh, hang on - I wrote that.

It'll all make sense in a paragraph or so! Actually, it won't make sense until the very end of this post. So keep reading y'awl.

Yes, you guessed it. This is another one of those posts that isn't really a post. It's just a means to send you off on a tangent of links, opening new tabs and windows all over the place but hopefully not annoying the hell out of you too much at the same time.

I know, I know.

The second I hit 'Publish' on this baby, I am writing a proper post. About something very, very interesting. And very, very important. Oh hell, I have no idea to be honest but as often stands me in good stead in life - I'll just make it up as I go along and hope for the best. *grinning earnestly at you*

And on with the links fest! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ......

Singles Warehouse
Firstly, two links to my writing elsewhere. There's a new WeezaFish post up on Singles Warehouse, oh yes there is. I know, they haven't sussed my total unsuitability in the role of 'Relationship Expert' as yet so I'll keep sending them stuff (I jest, I jest).

My latest advice to those looking for love is to Love Yourself. Please take a look and comment, comment, comment. Actually, one comment per person is cool. ANY comment would be cool. No it's not rude, that sort of post can be found in the ADULT section of SW's site. I don't write in that section. Sheesh.

Reminds me, must ask SW for a badge for the ol' WeezaFish Wall of Other Writings shame. I mean fame. Ahem.

Second link is my latest at The Indie Chicks, and if you haven't followed/liked/RSS Feed-ed these guys yet then you really must. They kinda rock. My new post for them 'Tools of Independence' looks at the things we must all learn to truly call ourselves independent. In a tongue in cheek, WeezaFish wrote this kind of way of course.

If you have time to read, I really hope you enjoy them both.

If you didn't, then this last link could be for you. Only in as much as it should make you laugh if you haven't seen it before, and some say this viral gem has been knocking around Inboxes since 2000 so you may well have but in the UK recently it made big news as it appeared (and reappeared) on Mummy blogs all over. And here it is on mine!

Feeling Broody? Laugh it off with this Parents Test, 14 tests designed to ascertain whether you are ready for parenthood. I can save you the time, you're not going to be ready. But you'll laugh!

As a teaser to the main article, here's Test number 15, as added in the Comments by a user only known as 'Nope'.

"Bathtime with Kids: Release a box of 10 hamsters in to the bathroom. Attach a garden hose to the bath tap, make sure there's enough length for it to flail around a lot. Turn on the tap and leave the room. Go from room to room, search for things that do not belong in a bath - put them in the bath (don't forget the towels.) Rub shampoo in your eyes. This cannot be washed out until the end of the test. Empty remaining contents of shampoo bottle in to the bath. Attempt to turn off the tap whilst holding the garden hose toward your face. Finally track, chase and catch every last hamster and half dry them with a drenched towel."