Monday, 13 April 2015

Settling In

Howzit all! (Like I have so many readers ...).

Another quick post done on my phone, to let you know that we are settling in nicely in the U.K. Actually been here one month today, which has flown by.

Yes, it's a bit colder than Africa but you know what? We've had blue sky and sun for over a week now so I have high hopes for Summer. Even unpacked my flip-flops, oh yes.

After Easter hols, boys are starting school soon and then it's work hunting time for Weeza. Having looked around a bit these last few weeks, I'm not toooo worried about finding work - only that I find something with hours that fit around school. I shall keep you posted of course.

Whilst we replenish our savings to move into our own spot, we're house sharing. Yes, house sharing - as in that thing you do when you're young and studenty. It's going well for us as a temporary measure, we only hope it's going as well for the quiet lady who suddenly has an entire family with two small but RATHER LOUD young boys on her top floor *nervous laugh*

We've hooked up with lots of old friends and family, a joy to see and spend time with them all as you can imagine, and the boys have been spoilt rotten. As only a grandparent who hasn't seen you for years can spoil.

Proper, meaningful blog post soon ... or just drivel, whichever takes my fancy at the time.

While you wait, I shall attempt once again to catch up on my reading

More soon! W x